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I recently blogged about My Twitter 10 Commandments and My LinkedIn 10 Commandments, and here’s my thoughts on blogging.

We run blogging sessions for our clients, where we help them understand how to blog, what to blog about, and how to fit it (15mins?) into their day.  Ultimately, we show our clients how to gerenate collateral and business from blogging.  I have my own rules for blogging and have shared them below.

So what are my 10 commandments for blogging?

  • Sounds obvious, but blog regularly – failure to do this is like Tesco having empty shelves… I don’t go back.  My business blogs twice a week, and that works really well for us.
  • Make yourself  ”sticky” by having content which is relevant to your audience…. if it’s all about you, it may be because you are superstar that people would expect to read about in Hello!  (Or are you just a normal bod in business trying to make a difference?)  Think about blogging about stuff that people will benefit from – they will come back for more.
  • Regularly subscribe to and read other people’s blogs – there’s a wealth of info (and leads) out there, so make time for this (My blog on Google Reader may help you subscribe easier). (** update - checkout Feedly - Reader RIP 2013)
  • You don’t have to write blogs the day you want to post them – if you write a few in one day, schedule them to go out in intervals – give yourself a break!
  • Be your own editor – flash forward and ask yourself if you were reading your own blog in 6 months time, what would you want to be reading, then plan the content.
  • Share your blogs through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc… – don’t assume that people will find you – don’t be too posh to “push”. (See previous blog on this).
  • Don’t be tempted to rant – unless there is a positive message running through it – what goes online stays online and can really be taken out of context!
  • Welcome and thank comments – if people take the time to comment, through any medium, please respond well.
  • Chuck the odd image in, and format your posts with some colour - dry-looking posts are less likely to be read.
  • KEEP GOING! Don’t expect the Sunday Times to be knocking on your door asking for content after your first post… think about what you want to achieve, be realistic and stick with it.

If all I gain from blogging for 30 mins a week is to gather more collateral, gain trust from others in my offering and brand and make my business more approachable and accessible – bingo!

I have also blogged about tips for blogging, see them here:

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Would love to know what your blogging strategy is and what your rules of engagement are…  comments welcome.

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