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I recently blogged about My Twitter 10 Commandments (thanks to all of you who retweeted this). Thought I would follow up with my thoughts on LinkedIn. Let me know what you think.

We run lots of LinkedIn sessions for Recruiters, so some of you reading this will have heard this before, but as my household is dominated by men, I am used to repeating myself (#socialmediasexism?)

These are my own thoughts. I would love to have yours too:

  • Connect regularly with real as well as potential clients and contacts.
  • Don’t be stuffy and just focus on decision makers – all levels in a business are influential.
  • Update your profile status at least once per day – keeping in people’s peripheral vision is key. (And if you are recruiter, step away from sheep bleeting about jobs syndrome).
  • Update your company status at least once a week – people follow your company for a reason.
  • If you are selling your business, simply chucking your CV into LinkedIn won’t cut it - what are you offering and why should I connect with you?
  • Put a reason for connecting in your invites: I can’t bear it when people don’t bother telling me why I should connect this them… It’s like receiving a birthday card with no message!
  • Regularly request recommends, for you AND for your company services. The timing of this request is crucial – don’t wait for your client base to forget how amazing you are…
  • Get your company service page setup… so few people have bothered with this and it has been live (and free!) for almost a year – see mine for reference.
  • Regularly check who’s been looking at your profile – I see LinkedIn a little like kiss chase… lots of fun when your client base takes a peak at your profile – but rememeber to take action on what you see!
  • Take part in Groups – don’t just mine them for contacts.

And whatever you use LinkedIn for, the result should be what I call multi-tasking… coming back from a client meeting / client delivfery and seeing loads of lovely impressions on your company pages, or connections from your ideal client bases.

Any thoughts? What do you do that works for you? Please comment.

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