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In 6 days (Weds 10 July) 5pm bst I am a guest on the Animal Recruiting Show.

I love blogging.  I make a point of doing this 5-6 times a month – I practice what I preach – spread the love (content).  Someone spotted my latest blogs on the fab UndercoverRecruiter - titled: Recruiters: Don’t Expect a Return on Investment from LinkedIn! (Although I’m a little worried about the positioning of the : – like some people got a little worried about Star Trek : Into Darkness).  It had 4,522 views last week and counting.

Anyway, I get a tweet out of the blue from the fascinating @Animal. Often labelled the Howard Stern of Recruitment, RecruitingAnimal runs a radio show every week Weds 17:00 BST (noon ET) and he has a co-host – Jerry Albright.  I could be diplomatic, but Animal won’t buy that – it’s mental! It’s a mental, shouty, direct, hysterical radio show about recruitment (yes… recruitment!)  On his site he says:

“The show is rowdy. People are going to challenge you. Make sure that you will not be offended before you decide to be a guest.”

So he asks me to come on the show.  I think about this, ask a few people’s opinions, listen to some shows and decide to bite down and say “yes”.

He (robustly) interviews his guests for approx 1 hour.  His intros always crack me up. People can call in and ask questions.  He shouts (often), asks intelligent questions (sometimes),  and uses the phrase “shame on you!” alot.  At the end of the show the final act begins. Animal and the guest back out of the call and the callers then discuss the show, the guest, the content.  The outcome of this depends upon how good the guest was.  I have often heard the callers “tear a new one” for the guest – and nearly always for Animal (!).

I’m in great company with the previous guests:

  1. Kelly Robinson
  2. Johnny Campbell
  3. Bill Boorman
  4. Keith Robinson
  5. etc…

Some questions/thoughts:

  • How am I going to get through it without accidentally talking”Canadian”? (Or “American”, as us British like to call them (ha!)
  • Should I neck a glass of wine at 430 in preparation? (I think I know the answer to this…)
  • Am I going to get through it workout swearing?
  • I’m going to need to polish my balls – I’m told I need a pair to be a guest
  • If I get a”shame on you!” Is that a badge of honour?
  • I need a spade to dig myself out of a hole
  • I’m going to get Wayne to call in – he does a wicked Glaswegian accent!

So why am I doing this Animal? Because you helped the lovely @LisaScales with her Twitter bio, everyone says you’re a kitten (and because you asked me (sounds fun!)

(Be kind to me @Animal)

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