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2016 is not about spend, option paralysis (too many systems not enough process), expensive systems which offer no value or marketing strategies which generate zero tangible leads. It’s about ROI.

I'm delighted to be invited to speak at another APSCo Forum next month! Come along and see me at the APSCo Marketing Forum on Tuesday 22 March in London to discover how you can show the value of your marketing efforts.

We work with recruiters, recruitment marketers and recruitment leaders to help them achieve ROI.

This session will focus on what ROI in recruitment marketing really is and how you can create realistic strategies to achieve business-led goals.

I'll be reviewing what marketers can and should do to be “recession proof”, how they can add real value, rather than just “colouring in”, time to work “on” their business not just in their business.

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Who is Lisa?

Lisa Team 4Lisa is a Director of Barclay Jones.  She supports Recruitment and Marketing Leaders to grow their businesses and improve profitability through effective digital marketing and technology solutions.  Her experience covers the full recruitment spectrum.  She loves delivering interactive and thought provoking sessions for APSCo.

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