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Broadbean and Barclay Jones hosted a great webinar for Recruitment Leaders, Recruiters and Marketers who want to understand how they can start seeing real ROI from their marketing activity.

Lisa Jones and Clair Bush join forces to show you why marketing and recruitment are a match made in heaven – they cover:

  • Marketing and Recruitment – why they are SO together!
  • What ROI really is - it's not just money!
  • What marketing activity can give you tangible ROI
  • What recruiters often do not see (or feel) that shows they are getting ROI
  • How to effectively report on your recruitment marketing ROI
  • 3 quick wins to get ROI

Want to understand how recruiters and marketers can help (not hinder!) each other? Watch and find out!

Who are we?

Lisa -Jones -Blog -299256Lisa is a Director of Barclay Jones. She supports Recruitment and Marketing Leaders to grow their businesses and improve profitability through effective digital marketing and technology solutions.

Lisa is a passionate advocate of recruitment and her team of technology, social media and training experts work with recruiters to make them more effective and profitable. 


Clair Snippet (1)Clair is a career marketer with experience of all sides of Recruitment. Having worked for international, national and niche agencies, headed marketing for some well-known niche job boards and now Director of Marketing for Broadbean, she has a comprehensive perspective of the industry.

Expert in all areas of marketing, Clair applies a human touch to communications and business development, resulting in brand advocacy     and continued success.

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