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Are you like me and have a few PowerPoint presentations that you may have sweated over, that you would love to publish online?  Well Slideshare is one of the ways to do this, and I have finally spent 2 mins doing just that!

Once you have setup a Slideshare account (it’s the largest community for sharing presentations and takes 2 mins), you can then upload your presentations, and get the following benefits:

  • send links to your presentations to clients (saves the need for attachments which may not get through the ether!)
  • send links to presentation to staff (if they are not confidential!)
  • upload your presentation onto your LinkedIn profile – looks cute and may differentiate your profile from others (you can only have 15 apps (!) on your profile, so manage them carefully)

Here’s a presentation on how to use Slideshare which may help.

Bear in mind that you can also search for other people’s presentations and learn something.  Plus, this is a lovely way to help with your Google rankings too, so don’t forget those precious key words!

Do you have any tips for cute online tools to market your business better? Do you use Slideshare? Keep me posted.

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