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I work with recruiters - and they all  want more time.  They also want to get more done.  They want to improve their reach (and placement ratio) using social media.  They want to improve brand awareness.  They want more leads (or at least better jobs to work on).  They want to be smart and innovative.  Let’s not start on the obvious statement of wanting to source and attract talent.

And they get into work, logon and it all goes Pete Tong.  And it gets to 5pm, they’re logging off (yeah right!) and they are nowhere near achieving these clearly critical objectives. But, boy have they been busy.

Is this you?  Are you a super-speedy-busy-recruiter?

Would you love some tips from me?  I have a time machine, I get things done in time which would put Superman to shame and I know how you lovely recruiters need to be more focussed.

I love social media, I love process and I equally love getting my job done so I can go home and relax.  I also love making you recruiters more productive.

Join me on my monthly #RecruitClever webinar and I'll show you some ideas to help you get into a social media routine that your boss will be proud of and you get real results from. Friday 28 November, 11:00.

Register for your free Recruiter #RecruitClever webinar here.

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