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Account-Based Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

We’re passionate about digital recruitment marketing, and working with marketers and recruitment leaders to improve brand, leads and talent attraction. That’s why we invited Clair Bush on to our Recruitment Leaders Podcast Series. We spoke to Clair to get her views on digital marketing and the recruitment industry. Clair and I discussed 5 key areas: What is ABM? Why is account-based… Read more »

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5 Things Recruiters Need to STOP Doing with Job Adverts

We ran a great webinar with Broadbean to show recruiters what they need to stop doing with their job adverts. We want to help our community become innovative with their adverts, place more candidates, engage more clients, and become more successful in 2017. We talked about: Which words stop people applying for jobs and what to replace them with Do… Read more »

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Recruiters: Don’t Expect a Return on Investment From a LinkedIn Recruiter Licence (part 3)

Lots of recruiters have a LinkedIn Recruiter Licence. Indeed many of my clients do, or are considering investing. I’ve written several blogs about recruiters not “getting” the value of LinkedIn: Recruiters: Don’t Expect a Return on Investment from LinkedIn (part 1) Recruiters: Don’t Expect a Return on Investment from LinkedIn (part 2) And now I’m about to go… Read more »

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Market Your Candidates More Effectively With Your Bullhorn CRM

I want to tell you about a great Bullhorn feature that you didn’t know existed. It can be used to build relationships and market your candidates to the right people. And the best thing is… Bullhorn does all this automatically for you. So what am I talking about? Client Organisation Charts! A simple but useful tool for anyone trying to… Read more »

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How to Attract IT Talent without being Talented in IT

I was delighted to be invited by APSCo to talk at their IT Forum for IT recruiters in London. They asked me to talk to their members about “How to Attract IT Tech Talent without Being Talented in IT”. Now being a recruitment advocate, an ex-IT Director, a proud geek – and on the whole pretty bossy, I… Read more »

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Attract and Engage the Best Recruiters to Grow Your Business

Is hiring the best recruiters for your business a key goal this year? There’s a few recruitment stats knocking about which have made me stop and think: 61% of recruitment leaders are worried about attracting their own talent this year I was asked by APSCo to talk at their quarterly members meeting about how to… Read more »

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Use This Bullhorn Feature to Place More Candidates

I want to tell you about a great Bullhorn feature that you may not be using effectively. It can be used to improve your recruitment processes and make you more competitive. So What am I talking about? Opportunities! Use this feature in Bullhorn to monitor potential business opportunities. Show potential business development pipeline. Stay on track by understanding how to… Read more »

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Recruitment Awards Part 1: How to Lose an Award

We love recruitment awards events (attending and potentially winning!) and want recruitment leaders to get real value from them – so we’re running a 3 part series on our blog! We want to demonstrate the potential ROI of recruitment awards events and how to achieve it. As part of my Recruitment Leaders podcast series on SoundCloud I spoke with Teri Etherington, UK Country… Read more »

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