Recruitment HIIT

Improve speed and pipeline with our 24/7 on demand Bullhorn, Herefish, Adapt, Job Adverts Training, idibu, Paiger, Hinterview, Calendly, LinkedIn, Inbound Sales, Teams, Sales Tips, and SourceBreaker...

... coming soon: Daxtra, Recruitment Marketing, and more...

Best Recruitment Training for Recruiters
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Best Bullhorn and Adapt Training for Recruiters
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Continuous training improves your productivity by 30-40%

You'll learn 5 x quicker with our on demand recruitment training

Effective use of systems can improve your sales by 29%

Are your recruiters, marketers, and tech delivering profit? Or, do you have:

  • Too much data, not enough information?

  • Too many applicants, not enough candidates?

  • Too many jobs, not enough placements?

  • Too many systems, not enough process?

Our high intensity interval training is 5-10 minute speedy, on demand training, for busy recruiters who want to improve their speed and pipeline. It's gamified, competitive and focused on how to monetise your data, improve your relationships, and increase your pipeline.


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