Recruitment HIIT

Train your recruiters and improve speed and pipeline with our 24/7 on demand Bullhorn, Herefish, Adapt, and Job Adverts Training

... coming soon: Idibu, Paiger, SourceBreaker, Daxtra, LinkedIn, Inbound Sales, Recruitment Marketing, and more...

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Best Bullhorn and Adapt Training for Recruiters
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Continuous training improves productivity by 30-40%.

Effective use of systems improves sales by 29%.

Are your recruiters, marketers, and tech delivering profit? Or, do you have:

  • Too much data, not enough information?

  • Too many applicants, not enough candidates?

  • Too many jobs, not enough placements?

  • Too many systems, not enough process?

They need to be more productive. Recruitment HIIT will help.


What is Recruitment HIIT?

High intensity interval training

  • Your data

  • Your systems

  • Your way

5-10 minute speedy, on demand training, to drive a sustainable recruitment business.

  • Improved sourcing times - cost of hire reduced

  • Cleaner, monetised data 

  • Reduced reliance on external, costly systems

  • Effective business development generating and converting leads 

  • Account management to retain clients

  • Candidate management delivering long-term placements 

  • Time management and personal effectiveness helping recruiters deliver effective sales

  • Adapt / Bullhorn / Herefish / Job Adverts (coming soon, LinkedIn, Inbound Sales, Recruitment Marketing, etc...) 


Recruitment and Marketing Tips and Tricks

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