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Stafflex - Virtual IT Director and Recruitment Technology ROI

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Our Training Defined a Practical Technology Strategy for Stafflex...

Stafflex are a recruiter specialising in industrial, commercial, education and technical recruitment.

We work as Stafflex’s Virtual IT Director. This entails taking control of the IT and Comms Strategy, developing plans that align with the business requirements and seeing these plans through to completion.  We coach the management team and train recruiters.  Some of our projects to date include:

  • Upgrading server, desktop, comms, network infrastructures and recruitment technology

  • Data cleansing and getting value from the CRM

  • Improving Consultant CRM engagement through configuration and user experience projects

  • Managing suppliers to ensure ROI

  • Engaging and training recruiters and recruitment support

  • Delivering enhanced reporting for recruiters, management and the Board

  • Speeding up the registration process through an online portal.

  • Social Media – training the business on how social media can help attract the right clients and candidates

Ultimately, we provide the business with best practice recruiting processes and recruitment systems.

Barclay Jones Provide Support in My Business...

Brian Stahelin, Stafflex

Barclay Jones audited my business process, our systems and defined a practical technology strategy.

We employed the services of Barclay Jones to help with our Recruitment Technology and IT Strategy and provide support across our business where a skills gap was recognised.

Their knowledge of the recruitment industry coupled with their technology expertise enables them to provide a very useful insight into how we can establish a solid foundation onto which future growth will happen.