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Data is the New Oil, Recruitment KPIs and GDPR
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Data is the New Oil, Recruitment KPIs and GDPR

Data is a thing very close my team’s heart, and every recruitment leader’s, recruiter’s and recruitment marketer’s. It should drive decisions and recruitment businesses.  It should definitely drive the best 4Cs into your business (candidates, clients, consultants, cash) – and, of course, content onto your recruitment CRM. GDPR is kicking the average recruitment leaders’ butt and DATA… Read more »

Women in Recruitment - Diversity
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Talent Attraction, Creating a Diverse Workforce and Women in Recruitment

I’m joined on this Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast by Natasha Clarke – CPO for SThree and Chair of the Women in Recruitment body. Women in Recruitment was formed to give recruitment firms practical support in attracting, developing and retaining their female talent, as well as providing a tangible demonstration of a commitment to gender equality for clients and candidates. Obviously,… Read more »

How will recruiters be affected by GDPR?

How will Recruiters be Affected BEFORE GDPR Becomes Law?

GDPR is moments away – but what is the reality for the desk-based recruiter before the law changes?  Recruiters need to understand how their day to day workflows will be impacted / disrupted / improved. AI, Chatbots, GDPR, Google Hire – all looking to “disrupt” the recruiting sector / online recruitment processes.  We’ve yet to… Read more »

Which KPIs Should Be Driving Your Recruitment Business' Marketing Strategy_
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The KPIs That Should Be Driving Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy in 2018

To generate tangible ROI through marketing, recruitment leaders should be focused on the 3Cs of recruitment marketing: Candidates, Clients, Consultants! They are the key three audiences of any recruitment business, so KPIs and day-to-day metrics need to be focused on these to create a profitable marketing strategy. We were delighted to win the Affiliate of the… Read more »

Vanity vs. Sanity – KPIs That Really Matter in Recruitment Marketing

I’ve written about recruitment marketers being more than simply a colouring-in-department and the brand police. There is often the perception that the average marketing department has lots of felt tipped pens and Canva, and is awaiting requests for another PowerPoint deck and job advert image creating.  This is exacerbated by the KPIs they have (or often don’t… Read more »

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What are the 4Cs Every Recruitment Leader Needs in 2018?

Calling All Recruitment Leaders, IT and Marketers in Recruitment! Did you grow your recruitment business in 2017, or simply break even? Do you want your 2018 to be the same as 2017? I delivered this popular session at the Recruitment Agency Expo this month – working with recruitment leaders to map success for 2018 –… Read more »

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