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Jobmatch has created a time machine.

Our Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) Training Helped Jobmatch Save 3770 Hours in 4 Weeks

​Jobmatch is a recruitment business in Brussels, specialising in finding the right match between candidates and companies in the field of IT, finance, and sales.

They wanted to clean their Bullhorn database, improve recruiter productivity by removing recurring and administrative tasks, and monitor and improve candidate and client satisfaction.

We reviewed their business and recruitment processes, pain points, and challenged them to think about how Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) can drive productivity.

We then trained them to create recruitment automations using Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), which included:

  • Weekly candidate availability checks – saving each recruiter 2 hours a week.

  • Data validation rules – to improve data quality and value.

  • NPS score surveys – to help monitor and improve service levels.

ROI? Within the first month, they:

  • Saved 3,770 hours which equates to just over 2 full-time recruiters.

  • Automated 100,000 admin tasks.

A magnificent time saving, that will increase every month, plus a cleaner Bullhorn database and more engaged productive recruiters.

Barclay Jones Helped Us Simplify Our Recruitment Processes

Philippe Vandekerckhove, Jobmatch.

We wanted to clean our Bullhorn database and, simplify our recruitment processes. We wanted to automate the tasks that are often forgotten by recruiters, such as re-engaging stale candidates and identifying vacancies that are lacking activity.

Working with Barclay Jones was a real pleasure. The implementation and training were nicely planned and gave us time to reflect and take action on our learning. They gave us a real hands-on experience.

Wayne did an excellent job; the Bullhorn Automation training was interactive, and he kept us moving forward at a good pace. He gave us the motivation we needed to stay focussed on our Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn goals and was very responsive to the questions we had even outside of training sessions.

Yes, I would most certainly recommend Barclay Jones. The training was well organised and spread across six weeks. That left us time to prepare ourselves for the next session. Whenever we had a specific case, Wayne thought along with us for solutions or came up with an idea by our next training session.

Barclay Jones set us on the right path and gave us Bullhorn Automation tips and tricks, and best practice to use Automation to achieve our goals.

According to Wayne, Jobmatch has created a time machine.

  • We have already saved 3770 hours with 113113 automation actions.

  • The emails that we have sent (2339) have a good open rate 62%, which is 38% above the average.

We are now independent Bullhorn Automation users.

3 words to describe my experience of Barclay Jones: Hands-on, engaged, reliable.