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188 Hours Saved in 4 Weeks + Improved Candidate and Client Experience

​Steve Skills is a 360° Legal & Tax Skills Recruitment Agency permanent positions & (Legal) Interim Management, career coaching, soft skills training and personal branding. #BoostingProfessionalEnergy is their mission.   (They are a super-fun client to work with...)

They needed to clean up and monetise their multi-lingual candidate data on Bullhorn. They wanted to automate their recruitment process for their multi-lingual recruitment business.

Plus, they wanted to grade their candidates to help them focus on the ones that were the most profitable – hence saving recruiter time, and focussing on candidate experience.

They knew if they tackled these recruitment processes that they would improve candidate management experience, application rate, brand loyalty, placement speed, and reduce manual tasks, giving more time back to recruiters and candidates.

Through Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) training and consultancy we helped them define and add turbo to their:

  • Post placement process.

  • Candidate feedback loops.

  • Data hygiene.

  • Recruiter time management.

And the ROI from Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) in the Last 4 weeks?

  • 188hrs saved

  • using 5,639 automated actions

  • more time back in the business, less admin, cleaner data!

Barclay Jones Helped Save 188Hrs in 4 Weeks, and Cleaned Our Data, Organised Our Recruiters, and Improved Candidate Happiness

Bernard Van Steenberge, Steve Skills

I am a big believer in optimising processes, and candidate and client experience. Plus, I need my data healthy to help consultants be more effective. Bullhorn introduced us to Barclay Jones to help us with Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) implementation and training and to help us automate our recruitment processes in Bullhorn. 

Barclay Jones are really good- technically, analytically, commercially. Rose is on the same level as us, and worked hard to find the recruitment automation solutions we needed.

One of our values is being generous – and she is.  We knew that she was thinking of us and helping us inside and outside of the training.

I’d recommend Barclay Jones for anyone who wants to use Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish).  We are now able to use Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) ourselves. We have a lot to do, but now we have cleaner data, more organised recruiters, and happier candidates.

I would describe Barclay Jones as: Professional, client-orientated, generous.