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Our Training Helped Ariad Group Use Herefish in Bullhorn More Effectively...

Ariad Group are a Brussels and Spain-based recruitment business who specialise in freelance, permanent and consultant jobs in digital marketing.

They wanted recruitment automation to help them manage their candidates and clients on Bullhorn more proactively, as well as helping their recruiters to follow key business processes throughout the recruitment lifecycle.

As part of our Herefish automation training we:

  • Started with understanding their recruitment company and their challenges.

  • We then trained them on to use Herefish and build automations.

  • We also helped review and refine standard Bullhorn processes.

  • And gave advice on how to manage a successful change management project.

The recruitment automations were focused on data hygiene, as well as candidate, client, and colleague experience. Speed improvements and removal of admin were also an outcome.

ROI? Within 90 days we have:

  • Saved 4160 hours (that's almost 6 months!)

  • Automated 124, 812 admin tasks

We Now Understand How to Use Our Herefish System Better to Have it Work for Our Recruiters...

Arne Looten, Marketing Manager Ariad Group

I enjoyed working with Wayne on my Herefish Automation project. He understands the staffing business, Bullhorn, and can think along with you. He has a willingness to listen which is important to me.

I liked the way that Wayne was focused on my recruitment workflows and not simply how to use Herefish. It was about my business, not just the technology.

Plus, we got helpful advice on how to engage with the managers and recruiting team. I liked how he helped us understand the system better so we could understand the risks and benefits.

Candidate and Client Experience:

  • We wanted to start working on client feedback to help us interact more with our clients, understand their feedback and how we can improve.

  • We now have an onboarding automation to help us improve candidate engagement and experience. The advantage is that we no longer have to do this manually. Again, a small and effective time saving.


  • We’ve turned on some simple automations to help us close jobs down, improve our data accuracy, and reduce admin.

I want to ensure that there is less room for human error, and I want to make small steps to ensure that my busy recruiters are happy that Herefish will help them.

3 words to describe my experience of Barclay Jones: Knowledgeable, personalised, positive.