Making Recruiters More Successful

We are award-winning leaders in recruitment training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry. We make recruiters more successful.

  • We deliver the best recruitment training for Adapt CRM, Bullhorn CRM, Inbound Sales, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Email Marketing and Content. Recruiters attracting, engaging, converting and retaining is our goal.

  • We work with Recruitment and IT leaders to deliver an ROI and sales-led recruitment technology strategy.  Our mantra “CRMFirst”!

  • We coach, mentor and train all levels of marketer, in innovative sales and marketing strategies to improve brand, recruitment, leads, sales and profit. Less colouring in, more ROI.​


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We want to be the go-to choice for Recruitment Leaders, their Recruiters and Marketers

  • Recruitment Leaders who want to grow their businesses through technology, trained recruiters and effective digital marketers.

  • IT and Recruitment Marketers who want to create best practice and innovative strategies to generate the 4Cs – candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!

  • Recruiters who need to improve speed, data quality, conversions and profit - overall to be more successful.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We are focused on only working with recruiters, and we speak your recruitment language.

  • Our blended training and coaching offering is focused on making recruiters and their marketers more successful – speedier sourcing, improved business development, healthier pipelines.

  • We own the problem. We get what you do and get your issues. We have an owner’s perspective.


Our Mission

  1. To help Recruitment Leaders to grow their businesses and improve profitability through recruitment training, effective digital marketing and technology solutions.

  2. To help recruiters and resourcers to use technology and social media effectively to improve their brand, attract, source and convert talent, develop new business, and overall deliver ROI and profit.

  3. To help Marketing, IT and Operations professionals within recruitment agencies be effective and "recession proof" by mentoring them to generate ROI.

  4. To build and develop our team of project managers, consultants and recruitment trainers at Barclay Jones to deliver excellence to the recruitment industry.

Our Values

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    Professional and 

    We are passionate advocates of recruitment and best practice and we offer a professional approach to helping recruitment businesses grow.

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    Making a 

    We work with Recruitment Leaders, IT Leaders, Recruiters and Recruitment Marketers to make a measurable and long term difference to their businesses.

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    Innovative and 
    Solutions Driven

    We use our recruitment experience, recruitment technology, training, and digital marketing solutions to innovate recruitment process and drive business growth.

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    Authentic and 

    We are known for being honest and practical. We are trusted by our clients and partners to deliver. We own their problems and have a owner's perspective.

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    Organised with High 
    Attention to Detail

    Being organised and detail oriented is crucial to our clients. You need us to develop ROI for you from your systems and processes.

Our Charity

We are proud to sponsor the Aurora Foundation

Luke, one of our recruitment training team, travelled the world coaching with children's charities before joining Barclay Jones. As part of our annual CSR initiative, he nominated this charity to receive monthly donations from us.

My life changed following my time in Uganda. I had to do something to support these brave children and their families. Now, not only do the children benefit from eating nourishing food, they have something to look forward to – their mealtimes.

The Aurora Children's Foundation works with the Cancer Institute in Uganda to help provide three meals a day for every child on the ward.

When you read about the great work that this charity does for children and mothers, it's hard not to want get involved. And as a family business, we feel compelled to sponsor a charity which is focused on creating a sustainable solution to end child poverty.


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