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Speedier searches. Effective BD and account management.

Bullhorn and Training Strategy

Samuel Knight are an international award-winning energy and rail recruitment specialist providing permanent and contract recruitment.

They had been using Bullhorn CRM for several years but had not achieved what we call “Bullhorn1st”. Some processes were being completed outside of Bullhorn and this led to data and work duplication, manual entry, lack of trust in the system, leading to over reliance on external systems – and reduced speed and opportunity. In some instances, spreadsheets were the preferred option. It was time consuming to work with multiple systems and valuable functionality in Bullhorn was not being used.

They knew Bullhorn could do more for them, but weren’t sure what it could do and how their process could be driven through Bullhorn.

We conducted a Bullhorn Discovery to understand how they used Bullhorn, identify quick wins and help them create a strategy for improved adoption and ROI:

  1. We then delivered management Bullhorn WIIFM training to upskill the key people in their business that can effect change. (What’s in it for managers?)

  2. We followed with Bullhorn process, configuration and data workshops with the Training Manager and Systems Manager to help them form a Bullhorn1st strategy.

Recruiters Are More Efficient

Steve Musham, Samuel Knight

We wanted to create an environment where Bullhorn was built into our processes, and not just an admin tool. We wanted to save our recruiters time and make them more efficient.

Given the way that Barclay Jones were able to embed into our recruitment business and “become part of the woodwork” they understood the impact of the Bullhorn system on our environment.

I would add that they were able to communicate with us on a level – no unnecessary jargon. They have a good handle of talking to us like people.

I think 100% that before the project some of the staff, including the managers, felt that the system could not deliver. Now people want to know how to use the system and how it can help them deliver their roles.

Bullhorn is now embedded into ALL training delivered. We have the clear message of Bullhorn is a crucial part of recruitment process, not just the administration of it.

Some stats to demonstrate the impact of Barclay Jones’ Bullhorn Training:

  • A 700% decrease in false data – hence speedier searches.

  • A 500% increase in ideal client data – hence effective BD and account management

  • All jobs are trackable and reportable

  • 100% accurate placement information – candidate and sales journey is now trackable and proactive

  • Recruiter progress (and effectiveness) is now trackable and managed

Three words to describe Barclay Jones? Efficient, understanding, knowledgeable.