• Best Recruitment Tips for Recruiters

    The Best Recruiter

    We deliver best practice Recruitment Training, and RecTec Training (Bullhorn, Automation, Analytics, SourceBreaker, Adapt, LinkedIn, Hinterview, Daxtra, Broadbean, idibu, Paiger, etc...)

    Plus, recruiters love our online recruitment training platform Recruitment HIIT. Great for onboarding new recruiters. Perfect for boosting experienced recruiters.
    Let us train your recruiters too!

  • Recruitment Automation Bullhorn Automation Training

    Technology ROI

    We are Bullhorn ROI experts and Virtual IT Directors. We help Recruitment and IT leaders improve productivity and ROI. We increase recruiter speed and reduce costs. Our mantra is “Bullhorn1st”!

    Through our "Discover and Sprint" Bullhorn1st journeys we deliver improved ROI and productivity. We reduce reliance and spend on external systems.
    Let us help you to get to "Bullhorn1st".

  • Best Recruitment Technology Tips


    Recruitment Leaders tell us that we help them build time machines, make them more money, reduce the need to hire, and help them scale. We are strategic and hands-on.

    We train, coach, and build awesome time-zapping, money-making automations for our clients.
    Let us turbo your automations and business too!

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