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Our goal? To help recruiters bill more.

We are award-winning leaders in recruitment training, recruitment technology strategy, and recruitment automation training and strategy.

We help recruiters and their leaders, save time, monetise their data, work smart, and increase speed and sales.

We're proud of the training, tech, and automation projects we've delivered for recruitment leaders.

best-recruitment-training allen recruitment - recruitment HIIT

Recruitment Training: We now have a higher-performing recruitment team​

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Harcourt Matthews the best bullhorn automation training

Automation: We have more money. We have a stronger Bullhorn database

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Recruitment Training Bullhorn Training The Panel Recruitment HIIT

Training: An excellent investment from a financial and recruiter perspective

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Jobmatch Recruitment Automation Bullhorn Automation Herefish Training

Automation: We have created a time machine

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Stoneseed Recruitment - The Best Bullhorn Training

Bullhorn Training: We now advertise and spend less, and place quicker

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Disruptive Hiring - The best bullhorn automation training barclay jones

Automation: ​We are merging good process with revenue-attached activity.​​

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The Best recruitment training - Executive Integrity

Recruitment Training: I now have time to run my business, and hire! ​​

Rise - the best Bullhorn Automation Training

Automation: They have helped us re-invigorate the database 

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Digital Appointments Best Recruitment Automation Herefish by Bullhorn Training by Barclay Jones

Automation: I made 2 placements during my Automation training

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​Bullhorn1st Training: Consultants are now fully engaged in Bullhorn

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Websters Rural - Best Recruitment Automation Herefish by Bullhorn Training by Barclay Jones

Automation: Avenues to expand my pipeline and business

The best Bullhorn automation training barclay jones

Automation: The implementation was worth every penny.

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Bullhorn ROI Workflows Strategy Austin Fraser

Bullhorn ROI: Confidence in our Bullhorn setup to drive our business 

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NP Group - the best  Bullhorn Automation Herefish Training by Barclay Jones

Automation: ​More candidates. Renewed contracts. Jobs closed quicker

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VadarMoss Best Bullhorn automation training

Automation: I've saved 6 months in time already

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Steve Skills the best Bullhorn Automation Training

Automation: Clean data, organised recruiters, happier candidates

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NES Global the best Bullhorn Training

Bullhorn Training: ​Our teams are now using the Bullhorn more efficiently

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best bullhorn automation training crew hunter

Automation: We now have more jobs and have time for candidates ​

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Bullhorn Training: Training strategy ROI

Bullhorn ROI: Barclay Jones has made our recruiters' lives easier​

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