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We needed a plan, and a specialist. Working with Barclay Jones is well worth the investment.

Improved Speed. Organised Recruiters. Engaged Community

Goodman Masson operate in London, Dusseldorf, New York and Paris and specialise in hiring across the Finance, Technology and Specialist Markets.

They have a team of 150+ recruiters, with Bullhorn, and Bullhorn Automation as part of their technology stack. They wanted to:

  • Build a team to support best practice and embed BAU processes for automation across the company.

  • Engage the business with Automation and ensure Directors were onboard and bought in to what automation could achieve.

  • Improve candidate communities, candidate data.

  • Reduce the cost of, and reliance on, external systems and data, whilst improving recruiter trust in Bullhorn data speed.

We created an automation team of Directors, L&D, Compliance, Marketing and IT to ensure the best strategy.

Then, through a series of automation sprints to improve adoption and ROI, we:

  • Created a BAU Structure that embeds automation across the business.

  • Created a plan that focused on Recruitment workflow, Business Development and Account Management.

  • Cleaned up their data and improved data health.

  • Provided candidates with self-service opportunities to update their data.

And we built automations for Goodman Masson to:

  1. Improve speed: candidate outreach and job applications

  2. Organise and notify recruiters of important recruitment processes across candidates, sales contacts, jobs and placements.

  3. Engage their Contractor community, enabling expansion and recycling

  4. Boost permanent and contractor aftercare processes – candidates and clients were managed. Fees protected.

New Ideas. Minds Shifted. Performance Improved

Andrew Michael, Goodman Masson.

As leaders, we often like to think that we can do everything ourselves; for example run projects effectively and adopting new technology.

With a group of 150 fee earners, when trying to change behaviours and train new ones, you need someone to be a voice, generate enthusiasm, influence sceptical sales people.

We reached out to BJ as my leadership colleagues and I have all got day jobs, and we knew we needed someone to lean on. We needed a plan, and a specialist.

Barclay Jones have worked with us on a number of automation projects. They are really good at generating and initiating new ideas. They’ve shifted our minds on what we can do with candidates and clients, and how we can support consultants by helping them understand and improve their performance.

We are now in a good rhythm of change and improvement. Plus, we know where we want to be, and how to execute the changes needed.

Working with Barclay Jones is well worth the investment.