Bullhorn Automation Turbo

Do you have Bullhorn Automation, but not seeing the value?

Is your data clean? Are you generating leads, sourcing quicker, and reducing reliance on expensive 3rd party systems and data?
Are your recruiters focused on candidate and client experience and maximising their phone and face time?
Are your Chatbots chatting and driving sales?
Do you have the time, resource, and knowledge to ensure that you realise the benefit of this genius tool?

No? We can help...

Bullhorn Automation Training Improve Performance
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Bullhorn Automation Coaching and Building

  • Need Higher Performing Recruiters?

We can coach you to build automations, or build automations for you, to drive recruiter performance. Cleaner data, streamlined workflows, stronger candidate and client communities to source from and place with. Chatbots!

  • Need More Sales?

Let us train you to build, or build your automations, which generate leads, and wake up dormant sales opportunities. Let's be smart with BD and account management.

  • Need to Source Quicker (and Cheaper?)

It's time to reduce job board spend, reliance on LinkedIn, and place quicker and easier. Source from your own data - save money and time. Be competitive.

Bullhorn say that we're the best at recruitment automation, and our clients agree.
Read on for how we help recruitment leaders add automation turbo to their businesses, or contact us for a chat.Ipove recruiter perf
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Recruiters Rate Our
Automation Strategies and Training

  • Aileen Garven

    Bullhorn Automation Coaching

    ​We are merging good process with revenue-attached business. We are using automating new business development.

  • Andrew Michael

    Bullhorn Automation Strategy
    Goodman Masson

    ​We needed a plan, and a specialist. Working with Barclay Jones is well worth the investment.​

  • Kay Sutton

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​The automation training and implementation was worth every penny.

  • James Dawson

    Bullhorn Automation Strategy and Build
    Rise Technical

    ​They have helped us re-invigorate the database, and re-engage a large pool of candidates, tidying up the data.

  • Dave Draper

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​Barclay Jones helped us generate ROI from our Bullhorn candidate data

  • Andy Price

    Bullhorn Automation Coaching
    Digital Appointments

    ​I’ve made 2 placements during my Automation training.

  • Mark Ostrowski

    Bullhorn Automation Strategy and Build
    Harcourt Matthews

     As a result of working with Barclay Jones to automate my business, we have more money, and a stronger Bullhorn database.

  • Paul Robson

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    The Crew Hunter

    ​ We have managed to restructure our business, with more recruiters and more time to recruit. 

  • Philippe Vandekerckhove

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​We have created a time machine.

  • Jordan Adcock

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    One Player Mission

    ​Work is now more fluid for the team.  There’s less start and stop.  Onboarding is easier and quicker. ​​

  • Bernard Van Steenberge

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    Steve Skills

    ​We have cleaner data, more organised recruiters, and happier candidates.

  • Miranda Webster

    Bullhorn Automation Training
    Websters Rural

    I am really excited about a system that will help me find avenues to expand my pipeline and business.​

  • Arne Looten

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​They focused on recruitment workflows and not simply how to use Automation. It was about my business, not just the technology.

  • Shehzad Tabassum

    Bullhorn Automation Coaching
    NP Group

    ​More candidates are being called. Renewal contracts are being managed proactively. Candidates are updating their own records. Jobs are closed off quicker.

  • Gary Williams

    Bullhorn Automation Training

    ​Barclay Jones has saved us 6 months of time. Data clean, admin reduced, sales rebooted...

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Automation Coach and Build

The recruitment leaders we work with tell us that we build "time machines". We help them de-administrate their businesses, and rehumanise their workflows. We do this in 3 ways:
  1. 1. Automation Coaching

If you have resource, and time, but need inspiration and training from the best, we can coach you in automation strategy and tactics.
  1. 2. Automation Building

If you don't have resource or time and need help with your heavy lifting, we can create your strategy and build your automations for you.
  1. 3. Automation Healthcheck

Let us review your existing automations and setup, complete a health check of your instance, and recommend best practice and innovative ideas to add automation turbo.

"I now have more money"

Recruitment Leaders tell us that we help them build time machines, make them more money, reduce the need to hire, and help them scale.
Let us help you too!