Bullhorn ROI: Advertise Less, Spend Less, Place Quicker

Bullhorn ROI: Advertise Less, Spend Less, Place Quicker logo

We now need to advertise less, spend less on job boards, and we are placing quicker.

Our Bullhorn Training Helped Stoneseed Monetise their Data

​Stoneseed is a leading provider of Project Management services and Recruitment.

They wanted to improve speed and pipeline with joined-up recruitment processes. They wanted to develop “The Way” and ensure that they were using the best recruitment techniques to source from their own Bullhorn data.  They wanted recruitment advice and recruiting tips to help them proactively manage and nurture their candidates so that they could save huge amounts of time and focus on securing placements.

We delivered a discovery project to assess current processes and opportunities. Then through a 90-day Sprint we delivered a series of live Bullhorn Training webinars to help the team become expert candidate sourcers and best practice Bullhorn systems administrators. This was boosted by access to our online recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT.

Bullhorn Sourcing and Candidate Management Training

  • We trained them to source and manage candidates through their recruitment lifecycle.

  • Plus, we trained the team to make changes to Skills / Categories and Field Mappings, and set up multiple Vacancy / Placement tracks ensuring different employment types are much more clearly defined.

  • The list of Skills and Categories is now much more relevant ensuring less noise and more speed when coding up new candidates, and the team now have the knowledge to keep their candidate data updated and relevant.

  • Sourcing time has been dramatically decreased and candidates are now actively managed.

  • Plus, the team were given best practice guidance on candidate management, which they can use to build their recruitment process going forward.

The recruitment team now know how to utilise all search features to improve and speed up candidate sourcing with favourite lists, saved searches, the different ways to search, hotlist best practice, using the submission list, advanced note searching, and much more.

Bullhorn Training to Advertise Less and Place More

Emma Jordan, Stoneseed

As a team, we were using Bullhorn merely as a data store.

We literally had a lot of data, but didn’t know how to use Bullhorn to run our recruitment process. Bullhorn had been setup for a different team and was hard to use.

We needed a clean slate to make sure we could use and monetise the data. Plus, we wanted to reduce the amount of jobs we advertised. If someone came to us for a candidate, we needed to advertise, rather than search. It took too long and we attracted 100s of candidates we didn’t need and couldn’t help.

We had watched some of Bullhorn’s tutorial videos, but knew that we need someone to say “this is the way”. We needed someone to tell us how to use it on a day to day basis.

Barclay Jones are a recognised training provider for Bullhorn and so we felt confident that working with Barclay Jones was a good choice.

As a result of both the live Bullhorn training webinars and the Recruitment HIIT platform, we have learned so much. We didn’t just complete the Bullhorn training - Recruitment HIIT helped us with best practice recruitment too!

By having weekly training, and Barclay Jones making us accountable, they pushed us to improve.

  • We are more equipped to source from our own candidate data. Our clients come to us and within a couple of hours we can give them a shortlist. We’ve improved our sourcing speed by about a week!

  • We have been able to build our own internal recruitment processes.

  • We have activated so many things in Bullhorn that we didn’t know existed.

  • We now need to advertise less, spend less on job boards, and we are placing quicker.

3 words to describe Barclay Jones: Enlightening, helpful, motivating.