Barclay Jones Offers the Best Bullhorn and Herefish Recruitment Automation Training

TDA - Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish) Training

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Barclay Jones helped us generate ROI from our Bullhorn candidate data

Automation Diving Bullhorn Adoption

Operating across the US, UK and Europe, TDA is a premier recruitment talent agency within the Tech, Data, Product and Design sectors, with offices in San Francisco, New York and London.

They wanted a cleaner Bullhorn database and monetised candidate data to help them grow with ease. They wanted to create smart candidate outreach and re-engagement programs and make their Bullhorn system more valuable, whilst improving candidate and colleague experience.

We worked with them on their recruitment automation project to:

  • Build a team of subject matter experts to own, administer, and manage Bullhorn Automation

  • Help them understand how to monetise their candidate data

  • Build a strategy for ongoing Bullhorn Automation ROI

We trained the team to build the recruitment automations they needed to drive: 

  • Candidate data hygiene and monetisation

  • Future pipeline of candidate data

  • Candidate engagement programs

They realised the potential of Bullhorn Automation and are excited about the next 12 months of growth and inspired by how Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn can help them drive it.

ROI? Within the first month they: 

  • Automated 18,000 candidate-focussed updates and outreach

  • Saved 600 hours (almost 1 full working month)

What a great time-saving AND a more engaged candidate Bullhorn database!

Improved Bullhorn Adoption and More Placements

Dave Draper, TDA Group

We are not Bullhorn1st, and we are not always getting a return on the data or the database – so Bullhorn Automation has been bought to help us with this goal.  We wanted improved adoption, best practice, and more placements. I wanted to get to the point where my people had the right level of experience to own Bullhorn Automation and use it to drive the business. We wanted to be taught how to fish, rather than just be given a nice piece of Seabass.

It was inspiring working with Barclay Jones – the training was in layman’s terms. We were motivated to use it well, and this helped us respond well as a team. Anyone who needs to ensure ROI from Bullhorn Automation, and wants a manageable process and structure, and confidence needs to work with Barclay Jones.  We are now building our own recruitment automations with a full understanding of what we need to do to maximise this investment.

It is reassuring that we are working to best practice.  For example, post placement processes - we are now doing the right thing by our candidates and clients consistently.  It has a positive impact all round. Operationally it creates real value and our Consultants are going to buy in to it too. 

I would describe working with Barclay Jones as: reassuring, encouraging,  inspiring.