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I’ve made 2 placements during my Automation training.

Great ROI from Our Bullhorn Automation Training With Two Extra Placements So Far

​Digital Appointments is a recruitment agency specialising in digital marketing, DevOps, systems administration, IT support, Data & BI Analysis and Account Management. They wanted to turn Bullhorn into a sales tool and reduce their need to hire more recruiters. They wanted to use their Bullhorn CRM system to save time and drive productivity. 

 They realised that by not using Bullhorn1st they were not maximising ROI from the system, and they wanted to use Bullhorn to improve their 3Cs – candidates, clients, colleagues.

We trained them to build exciting recruitment automations to help them to:

  • Reengage their candidates and clients

  • Increase their placements

  • Clean their recruitment data

And the ROI? Through re-engaging their candidates and clients they were able to place two jobs even before their training and automation implementation was complete.

Now That I Have Bullhorn Automation, I Now Have a Sales Tool

Andy Price, Digital Appointments

I wanted to use recruitment automation to generate and improve contact with my candidates and clients. And I wanted to reduce my admin, generate more time, and clean up my data.

I have been in recruitment for over 25 years and have found that databases are either just admin tools, or workflow tools, but they never are a sales tool.  

But now that I have Bullhorn Automation, I now have a sales tool. I’ve made 2 placements during my Automation training.

Working with Barclay Jones was spot on! Really good!  They were patient, and understood me and my recruitment business and even anticipated the issues I needed to fix.  They helped me understand how to use Bullhorn Automation. I pride myself on being pretty tech savvy, but I needed time and help to generate serious ROI.

3 words to describe my experience: Patient / Easy / Clarity