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As a result of our partnership with Barclay Jones, we now have a much larger and higher performing recruitment team.

Recruitment Training to Drive Recruiter Effectiveness

Allen Recruitment Consulting specialise in recruiting temporary, contract and permanent IT staff for market-leading household names, internationally.

We’ve worked with this fabulous team for 6+ years, and have watched them grow their margins, team, deliver best practice, and engage with recruitment technology to help them turbo-boost their delivery and add more and more great names to their client portfolio. They have an enviable learning culture which drives significant success and growth.

ARC knew that they needed the best recruitment training (including Bullhorn training) so they could deliver best practice, whilst also scaling their business. They also wanted to ensure they had a team of engaged and accountable recruiters, a valuable data set, Bullhorn ROI, and innovative recruitment automations to drive speed, pipeline, and experience.

Through a variety of recruiter training webinars, induction training, Recruitment HIIT online recruitment training, smackdowns, and fireside chats,  we have helped to drive recruiter effectiveness in areas such as:

  • Bullhorn ROI

  • Data hygiene

  • Best practice recruitment process

  • Improved sourcing

  • Account management

  • As well as systems ROI.

They are a great client to work with – fun, loyal, innovative.  They treat us as a trusted partner and allow us to try new techniques to engage and embed.  This was especially the case during the pandemic, during which, we’re delighted that they grew their wings, won some big recruitment contracts, developed a strong training culture, and had record months.​

Barclay Jones Helped Us Ace Our Recruiter Training Process

Brian Cunningham, Allen Recruitment

Running our recruitment business is not just about growth. It’s about creating a learning culture and environment. In as short period as possible we need to take new staff and turn them into experienced and professional recruiters.

Working with Barclay Jones means that our team has intensive recruitment training, Bullhorn, and workflow training. They receive regular refreshers to help them embed process, good habits and effective recruiter systems usage.

They help us get our team delivering to a high standard, and quick.

Plus, what we like about working with Barclay Jones is that they bring the latest techniques and methods of training and educating recruiters so that it sticks, and our Recruiters, Account Managers and Resourcers become effective super-quick.

As a result of our partnership with Barclay Jones, we now have a much larger and higher performing recruitment team.

We would describe Barclay Jones in 3 words: fun, professional, effective.