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Our Bullhorn Training Helped Jepson Holt Drive Their Recruitment Workflow...

Based in Manchester, Jepson Holt specialises in legal recruitment.

They had been using Bullhorn Recruitment CRM for 6 months and wanted to develop a Bullhorn1st culture and take their engagement and ROI to the next level. It was key that the business’ recruitment process was mirrored by their Bullhorn system.

Recruitment workflows were being duplicated inside and outside of Bullhorn. Sales and Recruitment effectiveness was inhibited, and recruiters were spending more time completing admin related tasks as oppose to recruiting, placing and generating fees.

We delivered 3 services:

We conducted a Bullhorn Discovery to understand what they needed, how they were using Bullhorn and created a strategy for effective use.

  1. We then delivered a process-mapping and Bullhorn administration / configuration project.

  2. We followed with Bullhorn Training for all of the recruiters to help them drive their recruitment workflow through the system and use Bullhorn first.

Barclay Jones' Approach Was Great...

Philip Jepson, Jepson Holt

We wanted to understand Bullhorn and what it’s capabilities so that we could align with our business. APSCo recommended Barclay Jones and working with them has unleashed the enthusiasm that has lain dormant in the team. 

We’ve had Bullhorn since Autumn 2018, but were only using in a basic way.  We needed someone to show us how to make it profitable for us. Barclay Jones' knowledge and approach to training was great.

I am not given to hyperbole, but this was by far the most valuable tech training session I have attended in my career. Luke's experience as a recruiter, combined with his knowledge of Bullhorn, provided meaningful commercial solutions to the business, rather than just training on functions. He gave detailed and in-depth explanations in layman's terms, with relevant on-screen examples. He was energetic and incredibly personable.

Barclay Jones understand the recruitment sector and are able to bring that experience to Jepson Holt and their trainers are practical, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.