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We work with Recruiters who want Bullhorn to drive their recruiter and business performance.

Our mantra is Bullhorn1st.
Through consultancy, training, and recruitment automation, we help recruitment leaders ensure that their
Bullhorn CRM is
first for their candidates, clients, and colleagues.
Best Recruitment Technology ROI Strategy Tips for Recruiters
 Best Recruitment and Bullhorn CRM Training
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Recruitment Tech Strategy to Drive ROI

We help recruitment leaders and recruiters improve speed and pipeline in 2 steps:
  • Step 1: Discover – Through our Bullhorn1st discoveries, we will review your purpose, people, process, data, and systems. We create a 90-day improvement plan to help you reduce costs and reliance on external systems and data so you can improve speed and pipeline and deliver a profitable recruitment process.

  • Step 2: Sprint – Through a blend of Recruitment Training, Bullhorn training, improvements to your Bullhorn system, and recruitment automation coaching, we will generate serious ROI from your people, data, and systems.

Engaged staff, monetised systems, data, and improved speed and pipeline is the key goal.

We wanted to save our recruiters time and make them more efficient. Our stats to demonstrate the impact of Barclay Jones’ Bullhorn Training... Plus, now all our jobs are trackable and reportable and recruiter progress is being managed effectively.

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Recruiters Rate Our
RecTech Expertise

  • Brian Cunningham

    HIIT and Bullhorn Training
    Allen Recruitment

    As a result of our partnership with Barclay Jones, we now have a much larger and higher performing recruitment team. ​

  • Emma Jordan

    Bullhorn ROI and Training

    ​We now need to advertise less, spend less on job boards, and we are placing quicker.

  • Dale Swords

    Bullhorn ROI and Training
    Understanding Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones are a breath of fresh air! They did more than simply help us with Bullhorn Training; they have helped us shape the strategic direction of the business...

  • Suzie Hughes

    Bullhorn Training
    Gleeson Recruitment

    Our recruitment consultants are fully engaged with our Bullhorn CRM system – and at a more broader level. 

  • Emma Mathieson

    Bullhorn ROI Training
    Understanding Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones in 3 words: proactive, approachable, results-oriented.​

  • Natasha Neller

    Bullhorn ROI Strategy
    Austin Fraser

    They have given us the knowledge and raised awareness of key Bullhorn areas that we need to focus on to help us grow.

  • Shehzad Tabassum

    Bullhorn Automation Coaching
    NP Group

    ​More candidates are being called. Renewal contracts are being managed proactively. Candidates are updating their own records. Jobs are closed off quicker.

  • Brian Stahelin

    Technology ROI

    Their knowledge of the recruitment industry coupled with their technology expertise enables them to provide a very useful insight into how we can establish a solid foundation onto which future growth will happen.

  • Doug Baird

    Technology ROI
    New Street Group

    They are hugely knowledgeable in ICT, business process and recruitment tech and great fun to work with.

Best Recruitment Technology ROI Training Barclay Jones

Help Your Recruiters to Bill More

The recruitment businesses we work with have one common question - what if we could do more with less? Less staff, less data, less systems?
Our aim is to help recruiters, resourcers, and their leaders do more with less so they can:
  • Improve recruiter performance = save time, less staff
  • Clean up dirty data = monetise Bullhorn
  • Generate systems ROI = increase profits
  • Retain candidates and clients = stronger relationships and pipelines
And bill more – the ultimate goal!
We’d love to talk to you about your goals and how our 2-step Discover and Sprint process works.