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We work with Recruitment and IT leaders to deliver an ROI and sales-led recruitment technology strategy.  Our mantra is “CRMFirst”!

Your recruitment technology is key to your business' growth. It should speed up recruiter effectiveness, create valuable assets and increase sales.

We are Virtual IT Directors to our clients, helping them to create a sales-led technology strategy, which includes Recruitment CRM and associated recruitment systems.

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About Recruitment Technology Strategy

We work with Recruiting and IT leaders to deliver an ROI and sales-led recruitment technology strategy. Our mantra is “CRMFirst”!
  • Through our Recruitment Technology Discoveries, we'll review what technology you have, how it's used, and advise on what you need to deliver profitable recruitment process.

  • We will be your Virtual IT Director. You needed a trusted advisor to devise a plausible and growth / sales-led technology strategy for your recruitment business.

  • We will work with you to make your CRM first in your workflow: sourcing, lead generation, candidate nurturing, client conversion, account management, recruiter retention. Don’t you want your clients, candidates and recruiters to use you (and your CRM) first?

Their knowledge of the recruitment industry coupled with their technology expertise enables them to provide a very useful insight into how we can establish a solid foundation onto which future growth will happen.

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What Recruiters Say about Our Recruitment Technology ROI Expertise

  • Elaine McKeown

    Adapt Training
    Matrix Recruitment

    We wanted to work with Barclay Jones because they are the best.  We needed an Adapt Training process tailored to us, and we got it.

  • Andrew Yarwood, Marketing Director

    Recruitment Marketing
    Fircroft Recruitment

    After working with Barclay Jones I have more confidence in what I am doing, and in the ability to know the questions to ask. I can rely on Lisa – she has challenged my team and I to develop award-winning strategies – we won the Recruiter Award for best marketing team. My time with Barclay Jones in three words? Fun, insightful, delivering."

  • Brian Cunningham, Managing Director

    Bullhorn Training
    Allen Recruitment

    We would absolutely recommend Barclay Jones, they are the most professional trainers that we have come across. Now we have a partner who understands our recruitment business, Bullhorn and how we use it. Luke is a former recruiter who clearly “got recruitment”. We ran several sessions and Barclay Jones were constantly looking to improve and adapt the training to make it work well for us.

  • Paul Dickens, Operations Director

    Adapt Training
    ATA Recruitment

    We would definitely recommend them to other recruitment businesses – other than the fact this may limit their time for ATA! They “get” the problems that we face and have never recommended a solution that we didn’t need. We trust them. As a result of this training we now have someone who understands how to engage our recruiters and train them on our version of Adapt. We can focus on the core activity to get a return on investment. We have an increased awareness of how Adapt can make recruiters successful.

  • Catherine Young

    Adapt Training
    Totum Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones worked really well with our team, I really haven’t ever seen everyone so engaged with our Adapt systems before. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for the job. They held our hands throughout the change.

How We Work With Recruitment and IT Leaders

Best Recruitment Technology ROI Training Barclay Jones

Recruitment Technology Discoveries

We kick off your Recruitment Technology Strategy with a Discovery. You need to be clear on the opportunities you have to improve and the ROI it will have on your business.

We can benchmark you overkey areas such as: CRM, business process, recruitment workflow, company objectives and structure, reporting systems, management information, recruiter engagement, ROI, manager engagement.

We follow with a Recruitment Technology Strategy Workshop for your stakeholders to deliver our ideas on your annual recruitment technology strategy, and focus on what we call your first 90 day "Rock" - issues to be fixed, and ideas to help you drive your recruiting and sales pipelines.

Best Recruitment Technology Training Virtual IT Director Barclay Jones

Virtual IT Director

CRM Strategy and Implementation

We have extensive experience of Recruitment CRM software leaders, including Bullhorn and Adapt. However, we are impartial advisors across all recruitment systems.

We know that poor product selection, inadequate planning and implementation will result in stress, disruption, low morale, expensive mistakes and stalled growth.

We will help you select the correct Recruitment CRM, plan a plausible implementation project, and help you ensure that it is delivered on time and to budget.

Change doesn’t happen simply because you buy new recruitment software. We work with recruiters to devise a CRMFirst strategy and implement the best recruitment software solutions.

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