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Recruitment Training and Bullhorn Training to Help Us Scale

​The Panel is a boutique recruitment consultancy specialising in placing professionals in Executive, Accountancy & Tax, Banking & Treasury, Funds & Investment Management, Insurance, IT & Business Transformation, and Legal & HR.

They wanted to scale and needed a solution to help with onboarding new recruiters whilst helping their existing team become more productive.

They knew that by not having a recruitment training solution, scaling their business would be hard. Plus, they would not get the value / ROI from their main recruitment software, Bullhorn.

They wanted an online recruitment training platform to help them scale, improve productivity, and allow hybrid / remote staff to engage in best practice. Their immediate need was Bullhorn CRM training, but they wanted to improve their job adverts, recruitment workflows, and their usage of key recruitment systems like LinkedIn and CloudCall too.

Recruitment HIIT Helped Us Train New and Existing Staff and Drive Bullhorn Adoption

Paul McArdle, The Panel

We used to do our own Bullhorn training. We started to scale our business during Covid but in-office training became difficult.

We needed more structure and more up to date knowledge of Bullhorn, so we could onboard new starters quickly, whilst also ensuring experienced recruiters could save time and be more productive.

Recruitment HIIT is key to our onboarding process. As an experienced recruiter and manager, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I was learning from the HIIT platform. It has been good for me and helps me coach my team of new starters in a more consistent manner. It’s been great for very experienced recruiters too.

We like the speed of the system, Recruitment HIIT, and how it maintains our focus. The training videos are well laid out, easy to follow, and the quizzes keep you on your toes. It’s useful for helping us keep track of our learning for both new starters and experienced staff.

We are getting the team in to embed good habits. And we are reinforcing the mantra of Bullhorn1st within The Panel.

Recruitment HIIT has been an excellent investment both from a financial and recruiter coaching perspective. We find the interactions with Barclay Jones to be both very professional and personable. We would highly recommend them.

My 3 words to describe Recruitment HIIT: Speed, Bullhorn1st, Productive.