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We have more money. We have a stronger Bullhorn database.

Automation to Improve Speed, Process, and Outcome

Harcourt Matthews is a temporary, contract and permanent recruitment business who work across a broad range of industry sectors, job functions and professional disciplines.

They wanted to “warm up” their candidate database to improve sourcing and placement speed and success. Plus, they wanted to improve their screening and placement process. Data health was also a key goal.

Using Bullhorn Automation, we built a candidate “Welcome” journey to ensure that new candidates have a great first impression, whilst also building in checks to ensure data hygiene.  

We then built an automated monthly outreach campaign to ensure candidate engagement and warmth – resulting in an easy-to-manage and active candidate database from which to place. 

Automated Placement Process 

They wanted to increase their screening speed and data health.

We built automations to improve screening process, speed, and outcome. We created a placement and aftercare journey to help secure and monetise the placement.

Automated Business Development and Account Management

We built automations to aid sales and flag:

  • At-risk clients and lapsed clients

  • Inactive jobs

  • Clients who need regular KITs

More Money, More Time

Matt Ostrowski, Harcourt Matthews

Working with Barclay Jones is exactly what we needed.

Now with these automations:

  • We have more money.

  • We have a stronger Bullhorn database.

  • We know more about who has engaged with us - we know how and where to invest our precious time.


  • I have confidence in my data.

  • I am making money from re-engaging with lapsed clients.

These 2 things are a big positive:

  1. That by me clicking a button a number of steps have been taken without me having to do them.

  2. That if I look at a CV, by pressing a button the candidate is nurtured until they are ready to be helped by me. 

​3 words to describe my experience of Barclay Jones: Confidence, Sales, Strong