The Best Recruitment Training

We deliver the best recruitment training to generate significant ROI from your people, your data, and your systems.
Continuous recruitment training and effective use of recruitment systems increases productivity by 30-40% and sales by 29%.
Plus 94% of recruiters stay when they are trained.

You Need Recruitment Training

Your coolest tool is the recruiter, but are they drowning in dirty data, reliant on expensive recruitment systems, and not delivering best practice? This makes growth hard.
Recruitment training is key to creating sustainability:
  • Our recruiter training helps you source, attract and engage talent faster, optimise client accounts, place more jobs, and protect your pipeline, headcount, and profit.

    • We deliver engaging Bullhorn, Adapt, Automation training. Plus crucial skills and best practice recruitment workflow training: sourcing, screening, candidate and client management training.

      • We deliver the best recruitment training for experienced and new recruiters through live recruitment training webinars, and our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT.

I now have more time to run my recruitment business. Because of Recruitment HIIT, when we hire someone, the pressure is off of me and my business partner to do all of the training. It’s a lot less stressful. New starters are onboarded quicker.

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Online Bullhorn, Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), Adapt Recruitment Training Course

Help Your Recruiters to Bill More with Recruiter Training

How much time is wasted in your recruitment business?
How much money are you spending on systems which don't deliver enough ROI?
How many more jobs could you place if your recruiters had the best recruitment training?

Our online recruiter training platform, Recruitment HIIT, and our live recruitment webinars save busy recruiters an hour per day - that’s 6 working weeks a year!

How many more placements could you make with an extra 6 weeks per recruiter?

We offer the best recruitment training to help recruiters use their CRM first and generate ROI from key recruitment systems such as BullhornBullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish)Adapt CRM, Sales Tips, Inbound Sales, Job Adverts TrainingidibuPaigerHinterviewCalendly, SourceBreaker, Broadbean, Daxtra, LinkedIn, best recruitment practice training, and more… 

What Recruiters Say about Our Recruitment Training

Case Studies
  • Paul McArdle

    Recruitment HIIT Training
    The Panel

    Recruitment HIIT has been an excellent investment both from a financial and recruiter coaching perspective. It helps me coach my team of new starters in a more consistent manner. It’s been great for very experienced recruiters too.​

  • Christopher Slade

    Recruitment HIIT Training
    Executive Integrity

    I now have more time to run my recruitment business, and hire! Because of Recruitment HIIT, when we hire someone, the pressure is off of me and my business partner to do all of the training. It’s a lot less stressful. New starters are onboarded a lot quicker.

  • Suzie Hughes

    Bullhorn Training
    Gleeson Recruitment

    Our recruitment consultants are fully engaged with our Bullhorn CRM system – and at a more broader level.  

  • Dale Swords

    Bullhorn Training
    Understanding Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones are a breath of fresh air! They did more than simply help us with Bullhorn Training; they have helped us shape the strategic direction of the business...

  • Daryl Harding

    Adapt Training

    I needed to identify the gaps in our training style and processes for delivery.  Working with Barclay Jones had a big impact. 

  • Elaine McKeown

    Adapt Training
    Matrix Recruitment

    We wanted to work with Barclay Jones because they are the best.  We needed an Adapt Training process tailored to us, and we got it.

  • Catherine Young

    Adapt Training
    Totum Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones worked really well with our team, I really haven’t ever seen everyone so engaged with our Adapt systems before. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for the job. They held our hands throughout the change.

  • Paul Dickens

    Adapt Training
    ATA Recruitment

    We would definitely recommend them to other recruitment businesses – other than the fact this may limit their time for ATA! They “get” the problems that we face and have never recommended a solution that we didn’t need. We trust them. As a result of this training we now have someone who understands how to engage our recruiters and train them on our version of Adapt. We can focus on the core activity to get a return on investment. We have an increased awareness of how Adapt can make recruiters successful.

  • Brian Cunningham

    Bullhorn Training
    Allen Recruitment

    We would absolutely recommend Barclay Jones, they are the most professional trainers that we have come across.