The Best Recruitment Training

We deliver the best recruitment training for Bullhorn CRMBullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), Adapt CRMJob Adverts TrainingidibuPaigerHinterviewCalendlyLinkedInInbound SalesMS TeamsTooled Up RaccoonsSales TipsBroadbean, and SourceBreaker.

We help Recruiters generate the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!

If 72% of the candidates you placed last year were on your recruitment system before you sourced them elsewhere, 2/3 of your recruitment team will leave if they are not trained, and it costs you at least

£$€10,000 to replace a recruiter... recruitment training is crucial. Plus - 94% want "micro-learning" - AKA HIIT (high intensity interval training).

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The Best Recruitment Training

Your coolest tool is the recruiter, but when they drown in dirty data, poor recruitment processes, and expensive recruitment systems, recruitment becomes slow, risky and expensive.
Continuous training and effective use of systems increases productivity by 30-40% and sales by 29%.
  • You want to convert more leads, attract and source talent faster, manage client accounts, protect your pipeline, make more placements, and be more profitable.

  • We deliver the best recruitment training for experienced and new recruiters through live recruitment training webinars, and our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT.

  • We help recruiters, resourcers, and recruitment marketers achieve best practice, speed and pipeline through high intensity interval training.

    • We deliver new user induction training, refresher training, and consultative business process change training.

Recruiters love our Bullhorn CRM, Bullhorn Automation (AKA  Herefish), Adapt CRMJob Adverts, idibu, Paiger,  HinterviewCalendlyLinkedInInbound SalesMS TeamsTooled Up RaccoonsSales TipsBroadbean, and SourceBreaker recruiter training courses.

​They bring the latest techniques and methods of recruitment training so that it sticks, and our Recruiters, Account Managers and Resourcers become effective super-quick. As a result of our partnership with Barclay Jones, we now have a much larger and better performing recruitment team.

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Online Bullhorn, Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), Adapt Recruitment Training Course

The Best Bullhorn CRM, Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), and Adapt CRM Training

Bullhorn adoption, Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), Adapt CRM training and data monetisation is our specialty – we call it CRM1st.

A massive 72% of candidates placed last year were already on your system, before you spent time and money sourcing them from elsewhere. Whether you have Bullhorn or Adapt, you need your recruitment CRM to deliver significant ROI.

You want your new and experienced recruiters to convert more leads, source talent faster, proactively manage accounts, protect pipelines, make more placements, and be more profitable. They need to see your recruitment CRM as a critical tool - first for sourcing, engaging, converting and retaining. Bullhorn1st, Adapt1st- and Bullhorn Automation creates turbo in your process!

Plus! Our on demand online Recruitment Training platform - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters improve speed and pipeline and drive the 4Cs – candidates, clients, colleagues and cash.

Recruitment Leaders Who Want to Scale...

Recruitment leaders tell us that our recruitment training:

  • Removes the need to massively increase their headcount

  • Speeds up the new starter onboarding process

  • Engages experienced recruiters who need turbo

  • Helps internal recruitment trainers deliver more value

  • Improves candidate and client (and colleague!) experience

Give yourself and your managers more time to run your recruitment businesses.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you and your recruitment team.

Brian Cunningham

Allen Recruitment Consulting

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As a result of our partnership with Barclay Jones, we now have a much larger and higher performing recruitment team.​

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