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We deliver the best recruitment training for Adapt CRM, Bullhorn CRM, Inbound Sales, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Email Marketing, and Content. We'll train your in-house trainers too!

We help Recruiters generate the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!

If 72% of the candidates you placed last year were on your recruitment system before you sourced them elsewhere, 2/3 of your team will leave if they are not trained, and it costs you at least £10,000 to replace a recruiter... recruitment training is crucial. Plus - 94% want "micro-learning - AKA HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Best Recruitment Training to find your ideal candidates - Adapt Bullhorn Inbound Sales Barclay Jones
Best Recruitment Training to find your ideal candidates - Adapt Bullhorn Inbound Sales Barclay Jones
Best Recruitment Training to prevent your recruiters leaving Barclay Jones Staff Attrition

About Our Recruitment Training

We train recruiters to deliver speedy recruitment workflows and cleaner databases. Recruiters trust our recruitment and training expertise.
  • You want to convert more leads, attract and source talent faster, manage client accounts, protect your pipeline, make more placements, and be more profitable.

  • We deliver Recruitment Training through a blend of face to face workshops, hands-on online sessions, and high energy short HIIT (high intensity interval training).

  • We deliver new user induction training, refresher training, and consultative business process change training.

  • And our online training platform Recruitment HIIT will give you 24 hour access to our best recruitment training.

Recruiters love our Adapt, Bullhorn, Inbound Sales, LinkedIn, Job Adverts and Email Marketing Training.

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Recruiters Think We Deliver the Best Recruitment Training

Case Studies
  • Anthony Macey

    Portfolio Group
    Adapt Training

    ​My team now have greater levels of engagement and utilisation of the Adapt system, as well as an increased search performance.​

  • Suzie Hughes

    Bullhorn Training
    Gleeson Recruitment

    Our recruitment consultants are fully engaged with our Bullhorn CRM system – and at a more broader level.  

  • Steve Musham

    Bullhorn Training
    Samuel Knight International

    Now people want to know how to use the system and how it can help them deliver their roles. Bullhorn is now embedded into ALL training delivered. 

  • Dale Swords

    Bullhorn Training
    Understanding Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones are a breath of fresh air! They did more than simply help us with Bullhorn Training; they have helped us shape the strategic direction of the business...

  • Janine Owen

    Marketing Training
    Search Consultancy

    I think it’s great to get someone like Lisa to run these sessions not just to save on my team’s resource...

  • Daryl Harding

    Adapt Training

    I needed to identify the gaps in our training style and processes for delivery.  Working with Barclay Jones had a big impact. 

  • Catherine Young

    Adapt Training
    Totum Recruitment

    ​Barclay Jones worked really well with our team, I really haven’t ever seen everyone so engaged with our Adapt systems before. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for the job. They held our hands throughout the change.

  • Elaine McKeown

    Adapt Training
    Matrix Recruitment

    We wanted to work with Barclay Jones because they are the best.  We needed an Adapt Training process tailored to us, and we got it.

  • Brian Cunningham

    Bullhorn Training
    Allen Recruitment

    We would absolutely recommend Barclay Jones, they are the most professional trainers that we have come across.

  • Paul Dickens

    Adapt Training
    ATA Recruitment

    We would definitely recommend them to other recruitment businesses – other than the fact this may limit their time for ATA! They “get” the problems that we face and have never recommended a solution that we didn’t need. We trust them. As a result of this training we now have someone who understands how to engage our recruiters and train them on our version of Adapt. We can focus on the core activity to get a return on investment. We have an increased awareness of how Adapt can make recruiters successful.

The Best Recruitment Training

Best Adapt Recruitment Training Barclay Jones

Adapt Training

A massive 72% of candidates placed last year were already on your system, before you spent time and money sourcing them from elsewhere. If you have Adapt, you'll need it to deliver ROI.

We know that Bullhorn buying Adapt has caused some disruption - but we're here to help you either stay on Adapt and get the best from it, or migrate to Bullhorn if that is your preference. We deliver the best Adapt and Bullhorn Training.  Our goal is help you use AdaptFirst - for sourcing, engaging, converting and retaining.

Recruiters love our on demand Adapt Training platform - Recruitment HIIT- it helps recruiters improve speed and pipeline.

Best Bullhorn Recruitment Training Barclay Jones

Bullhorn Training

Inbound Sales, LinkedIn, Job Adverts Training...

Recruiters tell us that we deliver the best recruitment training. We train recruiters to deliver the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!

We are an innovative and well respected team of recruitment trainers with a passion for making recruiters more successful.

Anthony Macey

Portfolio Group

Listen to Anthony Macey!

​My team now have greater levels of engagement and utilisation of the Adapt system, as well as an increased search performance.​

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