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Understanding Recruitment is an award-winning technology, software and digital recruitment consultancy.

They have Bullhorn, a growing team of busy recruiters, and are focused on strategy and growth.

  • They want a rich candidate database to reduce the longer-term reliance on LinkedIn and job boards and other 3rd party systems. Time and money is being wasted not using Bullhorn.

  • They want to ensure that the recruiter workflows rely more on Bullhorn, and in turn allow their marketing function to drive leads through data and automation (i.e. the 4Cs – candidates, clients, colleagues, cash).

  • They want their Bullhorn system and its data to help retain existing staff, whilst helping generate value in the system to attract new team members.

We call this “Bullhorn1st”.

  1. We conducted a Bullhorn1st Discovery: we reviewed their Bullhorn system, their recruitment workflows, how their recruiters and marketers use Bullhorn, and how clean and useful their data is.

  2. We then created a Bullhorn1st recruitment workflow – this was an effective way of helping the managers and recruiters see where they could massively improve speed and ROI, and where training was needed. It also demonstrated where external systems were slowing them down and costing them money.

  3. We followed with Bullhorn Training to the managers, marketers and recruiters to help them see the benefits of Bullhorn and how it can improve speed and sales.

  4. And then we were re-engaged to deliver Train the Trainer Bullhorn Training sessions to help their Bullhorn Champions improve Bullhorn knowledge, and learn how to deliver quick wins to new recruiters - ultimately to drive improved Bullhorn Adoption, and scalability.

Bullhorn Best Practice, Bullhorn Training, Bullhorn ROI

Dale Swords, Understanding Recruitment

The objective of working with Barclay Jones on our Bullhorn project was to win the hearts and minds of the business in terms of how Bullhorn can help them make more revenue. My team needed more time, speed to market – we needed to improve their effectiveness. We wanted Barclay Jones to help them understand how Bullhorn will make their jobs much easier.

We knew of Barclay Jones and had heard lots of great feedback and needed an expert in Bullhorn. What was clear from the outset - Barclay Jones are all about ROI. All of the work that they have done is essentially going to help us be a better business.

Their combination of enthusiasm and expertise has massively helped to win people over. Barclay Jones are a breath of fresh air! They understood where the pain points were and worked with us as an extension of the team – they made us feel that we were being looked after. They did more than simply help us with Bullhorn Training; they have helped us shape the strategic direction of our Bullhorn processes. My team now believe that they can build strong pools of candidates, save time, and through doing that we can move forward with some marketing automation

The chain reaction of winning people over through Barclay Jones’ “Bullhorn1st” approach has enabled us to have a consequential improvement in other areas.

Barclay Jones in 3 words: fun, authentic, serious (and productive).

Emma Mathieson, Training & Development Manager

We are on a journey to improve Bullhorn usage – we wanted a sustainable Bullhorn training process to help us with our goal, so we asked Barclay Jones to deliver some Train the Trainer workshops to our internal Bullhorn Champions.

We needed consistency, and the Understanding Recruitment “way” blended into the Bullhorn Training. It was crucial that the training was relevant to us. The Bullhorn training was broken into different topics, with lots of great tips not just in terms of how to use Bullhorn, but how to train it into the teams.

We now are able to train new starters to use Bullhorn from day one, in the right way. This will help us with our ultimate goal – scalability.

Barclay Jones in 3 words: proactive, approachable, results-oriented.