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Lisa Jones

Director and Founder

I help recruitment leaders and their recruiters generate more speed and pipeline

I have worked in recruitment since 2000.  

I started in recruitment as an IT Director, where my team and I won the coveted Computing’s “IT Department of the Year” award. I have a passion for systems / process and smiling recruiters (I married one!)  I started Barclay Jones in 2008.

What do I get a kick out of?

As well as running Barclay Jones, you will also see me delivering best practice recruitment training and Bullhorn training in our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT.

I get a real kick out of improving recruitment workflows through systems (and common sense). Using systems like Bullhorn, Bullhorn Automation, and Adapt, and other recruitment tech which saves recruiters time and generates more pipeline is my goal.

I'm keen to generate phone and face time for recruiters. This has been a mission of mine since the early 2000s when “get on the phone” was the mantra in the recruitment business I worked in. 

Midget gems with a Guardian of the Galaxy

I’m a bit of a “give a go” kind of girl - I can't sit still!  I have run the odd marathon, completed a couple of triathlons have been able to hip thrust 180kg!  I absolutely love movies – and can quote most of the Star Wars films.

My ideal day would involve going for a run with Chris Pratt (and my whippets), before settling down to eat midget gems and drink gin in front of my favourite film, Aliens.

Want to join our team? We’re hiring! Check out our job vacancy for a Recruitment Trainer here.

Lisa Jones