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How Calibre Engage Better with Their CRM from Our Bullhorn Training...

Calibre Search is a specialist recruitment business working across four key sectors from three sites in the UK.

Bullhorn Training was crucial. They needed to understand more about their Bullhorn product offering and to consult with an expert on finding the right solution for them. Calibre also wanted advice on how their current processes could be improved to allow a stronger engagement with their CRM system and streamlined workflow.

Calibre Search knew that a consistent process across the business would help produce accurate management information and remove the need to operate multiple recruitment systems at once. By configuring their Bullhorn system to meet their needs it would improve recruiter engagement, speeding up their recruitment process and ultimately make them more effective when sourcing candidates for jobs.

We worked with the directors and other key personnel to review their current recruiting processes in and outside of their Bullhorn CRM system. We assessed their use of Bullhorn, provided recommendations to help meet their initial objectives and provided solutions that could be immediately implemented.

We Now Have Robust Workflows and Are Improving the Performance of the Sales Teams...

Richard Robinson, Calibre Search

We have the Corporate version of Bullhorn and our goal was to understand whether the version we currently have is sufficient for what we wanted to do, or whether we needed to upgrade. Our team were not engaging with Bullhorn and we needed to ensure that we were using it correctly to see ROI.

We know Barclay Jones and they are local to us and they had introduced us to Bullhorn a few years ago.

We have had problems with external trainers not really “connecting” with my team, but with Barclay Jones we had confidence in them engaging with the consultants successfully. I would recommend them to other recruitment businesses – they know their stuff and they are ‘human’.

The session that we had helped us improve our confidence in Bullhorn, and understand that we simply had not trained our teams to use the system correctly. We now have robust workflows and are improving the performance of the sales teams. Our experience with Barclay Jones was positive and fun.