Matt Edwards

Recruitment Trainer

​I train Recruiters on Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation.

I specialise in Bullhorn training and Bullhorn Automation training and help recruiters get their recruitment systems working for them, instead of them just working their systems.

Having started a cold desk in recruitment, I understand the challenges of managing a successful desk… I work with recruiters so they can get more time on the phone, to do what they do best!

I love recruitment training

I absolutely love recruitment training - enabling others to realise their full potential and focus on doing what they do best is my calling. Each time I show someone something new, something different, something that will remove barriers to their success, I get excited!

Dog obsessed!

I have four dogs who are my life. My ideal day would be an early morning beach walk with my wife and them, stopping for a late breakfast on the way home. Then we’d all spend the afternoon having cwtches on the sofa before grabbing a takeaway for dinner!

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Matt Edwards