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How Can You Generate Leads with Automation?


​This Bullhorn Automation webinar was focused on lead generation. You bet we have some ideas to help you get cracking and generate some lovely leads.

Automation should be helping recruiters improve productivity, sales, and sourcing, whilst reducing reliance and cost of 3rd party systems like LinkedIn and Job boards. Too right!

But now, with Bullhorn launching the new Leads entity in Bullhorn Automation, it's time to rock!

How to Automate Your Lead Generation

In this automation webinar we talk about tools and techniques you can use to get your lead generation engine purring. Automation needs to do some serious heavy lifting for you.

This will be a great webinar whether:

  • You are curious about automation.

  • You are just starting out with automation.

  • Or have automation already but want this year to be a success!

Let's generate some leads!

Watch Our Bullhorn Automation Lead Generation Webinar

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