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Bullhorn Turbo Sourcing Tips for Recruiters Webinar


​Sourcing - what a dark art it is!

  • Time zapping,

  • Expensive external systems needed,

  • Countless job adverts....

...Only to attract candidates you already have?

72% of placements made are from your own data - but many recruiters only find this out after they've sourced / advertised externally.

No, thank you!

Let's stop wasting an average 13hours a week on this task, and instead learn some neat tricks to help you source from Bullhorn first. This Bullhorn tips webinar beautifully complements our recent sales tips webinar.

We cover:

  1. Speed: How to use Bullhorn to source speedier than if you sourced externally.

  2. Smart: Some really smart ways of searching Bullhorn so you are super quick, and clever!

Watch Our Bullhorn Sourcing Tips Webinar

Alternatively, you can:

  • Waste money sourcing from multiple expensive websites (Linkedin and Job Boards need your cash!)

  • Admit defeat by advertising your jobs. (Let your clients know you do not in fact have a viable candidate pool.)

  • Lose out on placements by creating unnecessary lag and risk in your process.

Need more Bullhorn / Automation Tips?Try our 1-minute tips.

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Recruitment Training

This webinar is part of a series of recruitment trainings in Recruitment HIIT, our online recruitment training platform.

Our training helps new and experienced recruiters qualify their jobs, speedily source and advertise, and improve their screening. It boosts CV to interview ratios, whilst giving great tips to prevent counter offers, and secure the placement and beyond.

Plus, if you have Bullhorn, Analytics, Automation, SourceBreaker, LinkedIn, Calendly, Teams, Daxtra, Broadbean, idibu, Hinterview, Paiger, Adapt, we train on those too!



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