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Automation ROI - WIIFM?


​​Our Bullhorn Automation webinar was focused on ROI - Return On Investment. Plus we answered the ultimate question - WIIFM! What's in it for me?

Automation should be:

  • Helping recruiters improve productivity, sales, and sourcing, whilst reducing reliance and cost of 3rd party systems like LinkedIn and Job boards.

  • Enabling leaders to scale and revitalise their businesses.

But often "where's the ROI?" is a question we hear recruitment leaders ask.

And sometimes we speak to recruitment leaders who can't feel or see the benefit of automation.

Recruitment Automation - WIIFM?

In this recorded webinar, we talk about how to identify and agree your ROI from Bullhorn Automation.

Automation needs to do some serious heavy lifting for you - so don't leave this to chance! Watch this recruitment automation webinar if:

  • You don't have automation yet, but are curious about what it can do for your recruitment business.

  • You are just starting out with automation and want to get into good habits, improve your confidence and get buy-in from your recruiters and stakeholders.

  • Or have automation already and want to "move the dial" and "go turbo" this year.

Watch our Bullhorn Automation ROI - "WIIFM?" Webinar

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