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How Can You Monetise Your Candidates with Automation?


​​​Our May Bullhorn Automation webinar is Friday 17 May 12:00-12:30 BST. It's time to get your candidates engaged, your recruiters more productive, your time to hire improved, and your costs cut!

Our clients want to be "Bullhorn1st" and automation is a sure-fire way of achieving this.

  • It creates cleaner data, which recruiters then trust more and source from.

  • It creates engaged candidates (and clients), keeps them warm, and generates speedy placements.

  • It gives you time and space to realise your niche and USP!

Automation - Get Your Candidates Engaged and Monetised

Join us in our free Bullhorn Automation webinar where we will show you tips to use Automation to help you:

  • Create a "human" candidate engagement strategy.

  • Create trust in your data so that your recruiters love it and use it (and rarely need to advertise or source externally.)

  • Reduce reliance on LinkedIn and job boards so you can save your cash.

  • Improve sourcing and placement speeds.

This webinar is a must if you already have automation.

If you don't yet have automation you need to educate yourself about its power and how it can help you scale, create a more human recruitment business, whilst reducing effort and cost.

Can't make the date? Register anyway and we'll send you the recording.


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