Bullhorn recruitment productivity tips webinar

Bullhorn Productivity Tips for Recruiters Webinar


This Bullhorn Tips webinar was all about the hot topic of Productivity. Watch this webinar for tips to improve performance, whether it be marginal gains, or drastically improving sourcing speed or risky pipelines.

  • If you have Bullhorn, you have the "gear" - data and system.

  • But do you actually have "all the gear and no idea?" ie. the "process" is lacking?

An "everything, everywhere, all at once" process makes for a time-consuming and risky pipeline.

Are You A Cool Tool?

We think that the coolest tool is the recruiter, but:

  • Up to 80% of your working day is spent on activities with little or no value.

  • The average recruiter spends over 2 hours procrastinating every day.

  • Multi-tasking is rife in recruitment, but it actually decreases your performance by 15%.

What a waste!

Watch our latest Bullhorn Tips webinar where we looked at:

  1. Where you may be wasting crucial time.

  2. How you could generate more sales and source quicker with referrals.

  3. What you can do on Bullhorn to make you more productive.

Watch Our Bullhorn Productivity Tips Webinar

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Recruitment Training

This webinar is part of a series of recruitment trainings in Recruitment HIIT, our online recruitment training platform.

Our training helps new and experienced recruiters qualify their jobs, speedily source and advertise, and improve their screening. It boosts CV to interview ratios, whilst giving great tips to prevent counter offers, and secure the placement and beyond.

Plus, if you have Bullhorn, Analytics, Automation, SourceBreaker, LinkedIn, Calendly, Teams, Daxtra, Broadbean, idibu, Hinterview, Paiger, Adapt, we train on those too!



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