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Track Your Candidates, Clients, and Cash with Automation


​​​This Bullhorn Automation webinar recording is focused on tracking your candidates, clients, and cash! It's time to track! It's time to follow the money!

Drowning in data, systems, candidates and clients, isn't a great recruitment process. (But some recruiters make an art form from it!)

Being able to "follow the money" absolutely is the best route to success and happiness!

Automation - Get Ready to Follow the Money!

Watch our free Bullhorn Automation webinar where we explore some tips and tricks to use Automation to help you:

  • See the wood for the trees.

  • The candidates for the clicks.

  • The opportunities for the leads.

  • The invoices for the back door placements.

  • (See what I did there?)

Automation needs to do some serious heavy lifting for you - so don't leave easy recruitment and sales wins to chance!

Let Wayne walk you through tips to help you track:

  • Website activity.

  • Backdoor placements.

  • Recruiter Progress / Performance.

  • Bounces (and opportunities!)

  • Unsubscribes / opt outs.

This is a great watch whether you have automation already, or need to educate yourself about its power and how it can help you scale, whilst reducing effort and cost.

Watch our "Follow the Money" Automation Webinar

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