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Sourcing Turbo! How to Use Automation to Speed Up Sourcing


​Sourcing can be an incredibly time-zapping task for recruiters.

We often hear:

I've got too much data but not enough candidates!

All The Gear, No Idea?

In my previous automation webinars, I covered automated BD and account management. Get my automated sales tips here:

  1. 5 ways to drive, secure, and optimise your accounts, and

  2. 5 key sales-driven automations to help you focus your attention on generating real sales opportunities

But what's the point of winning more sales opps, if you can't speedily place them?

If you have Bullhorn automation, this should help you:

  1. Speedily clean up your data.

  2. Identify relevant candidates you can attract and nurture.

  3. Approach candidates to apply for your jobs.

Watch my latest Bullhorn Automation webinar where I explored how to use Bullhorn Automation to:

  1. Add turbo to your sourcing with warm, monetised data.

  2. Reduce reliance on expensive 3rd party systems like LinkedIn Recruiter and Job Boards.

  3. Use Bullhorn 1st for sourcing, hence increased speed, placements, and sales.

Watch Our Automated Sourcing Webinar

Alternatively, you can:

  • Continue sourcing from multiple expensive websites (Linkedin and Job Boards need your cash!)

  • Advertise your jobs. (Let your clients know you do not in fact have a viable candidate pool.)

  • Create unnecessary lag and risk in your process resulting in less placements and less fees.

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