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Need More Recruitment Sales? Watch This Recruiters!


​Recruitment Leaders are focused on stronger BD and Account Management.

If you have Bullhorn Automation, or are considering it, there's plenty it can do to help you drive this crucial task.

Automated BD and Account Management

Recruitment automation isn't just about data hygiene and email marketing.

It can also be focused on driving business revenue.

It should be focused on optimising (and monetising) relationships.

During our speedy 30minute recruitment automation webinar, we talked about:

  1. Focusing on what recruitment automation can and should do.

  2. How automation can help you train your recruiters, including the ones hired since 2020 who may not have had the best start and may be struggling now.

  3. How to improve productivity.

  4. How automation can help you turn up and down the volume depending on whether you need to be client or candidate-driven, or both.

  5. How automation can help you combat AI - yes it can!

  6. How automation can free up recruiters to consult.

Plus, Wayne covered 5 key sales-driven automations to help you focus your attention on generating real sales opportunities for your recruiters and your recruitment business.

Watch Our Sales Automation Webinar

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