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Need to Optimise Your Recruitment Accounts? Get Automating


Recruitment sales - BD and account management - are top goals for recruiters, not just this year but every year.

But this year has been an especially tough year for sales for many recruiters.

Downsize? Scale? I'm OK?

Whether you are downsizing, or trying to scale, you need an automated account management process. Being complacent about sales, or bashing the phones in panic, does not make for a sustainable stress-free recruitment business.

If you have Bullhorn Automation, or are considering it, there's plenty it can do to help you drive, secure, optimise, and maximise client relationships.

BD is great - but account management may be better! Who wants cold, when you can be HOT?!

5 Ways to Drive, Secure, and Optimise Your Accounts

Our last Bullhorn Automation webinar focused on Sales. I covered why you need to automate sales, and some ideas for how to automate. Watch it here.

In my next webinar I zoned in on the clients you already have - the current and lapsed - and explored how you can drive them smarter with automation.

Plus - your key goal with automation should be to improve recruiter productivity. You need to generate some serious heat from your Bullhorn data. This will help create focus and revenue-generating activity.

Watch my latest Bullhorn Automation webinar where I explored how to:

  • Automate your BD

  • Strengthen your client relationships (and pipeline)

  • Reduce reliance on third-party systems, and

  • Improve recruiter productivity and happiness!

  • And I talked about 5 of my favourite automations to help you turbo boost your account management and thus sales!

Watch Our Account Management Automation Webinar

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