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Thanks Alan Hiddleston from Firefish Recruitment CRM for joining me on my SoundCloud. I’m going through the recruiting industry speaking with recruitment and tech leaders asking them about recruitment, recruiting process, software, growing a recruitment businesses, recruitment marketing – basically, key issues and challenges for every recruiter and recruitment leader.

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CRM is a big deal for recruiters this year and we are writing about it and speaking at events about how recruitment leaders need to make their CRM a USP.

We talk about:

  • Is recruitment process complex or sophisticated? And has tech made it more complicated?
  • What is the ultimate cool tool?
  • Are smaller brands run any better than bigger brands?
  • Is tech used any differently by smaller or bigger brands?
  • When is the best time to get best practice into a recruitment agency?
  • Investors, and often clients and talent, look for something unique about your recruitment business - how do you prove that you are a unique recruitment business?
  • How do you create an asset out of your Recruitment CRM?
  • What are the pros and cons of “bespoking” a recruitment CRM?
  • What is the future of recruitment software?
  • Will recruiters ever be like Tom Cruise?

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