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So, LinkedIn is a big fat wedding full of 258 million CVs/Resumes.  It’s likely you are one of them. When was the last time you actually checked out your LinkedIn profile?  Warning! This blog is full of obvious statements (doh!)

Never before has it been so important to have a pretty face and a clean history. BUT, I see stupid mistakes in profiles that could be damaging to both the owner of the profile and the business that they work for.

Here’s some crazy mistakes that I spot every day:

  • Website: are you marketing yours or your previous employer’s (I see this A LOT) (nip into your profile and click on to the “Company Website” button and see where it goes.  If you’re good you’ll already have figured out that choosing “Other” from the settings will allow you to create your own SEO-wise button
  • What are you saying about your previous employers in your LinkedIn profiles (I see this A LOT). Yes you now work for the market-leader in legal recruitment, but you also used to work for the market-leader in legal recruitment – how many market leaders are there in legal recruitment and you do really need to be hyping up your old employer?  Tone down how amazing they are and hype up your current one.
  • Is your LinkedIn page the best place to market your personal Facebook page?  Now I subscribe to the “what goes online stays online” rule and so anticipate that you are being good boys and girls online, but if you’re not, it’s a great idea to not make it easy for your clients to track back to your Saturday night antics
  • #Job #Hiring #Jobs – I go on about this but you’re not a job board so don’t behave like one
  • LION… I mentioned LIONs in a previous blog – being one is akin to being a floosy (and by the way, LinkedIn doesn’t like it).  Cuddling them however… now that’s a strategy!
  • Now that the new profile means that the companies that you are following are totally visible to everyone, are you crazily only following your own clients and prospects? (Time for a bit of evasive manoeuvring?)
  • Groups that have absolutely no bearing on you or your sector  - get rid of them – they’ll confuse your contacts
  • “Consultant at ABC Ltd” – so what? Could mean anything and likely to be skimmed over.

Give yourselves a once over.  Make sure that what you think you look like is the real thing.  You may be surprised that you have an alter ego.

(Thanks Bullhorn Reach for publishing this blog.)

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  1. Good tips Lisa!

    Lis Wilson
  2. Brilliant post Lisa and slightly embarrassing for me as I read it and realised that I've committed everyone of those mistakes on my own LI profile at some point in the past. I wont be so hard on my clients now but just point them in the direction of this post. Thanks for sharing!

    Roy Ripper

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