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Before starting Barclay Jones, the founders of Barclay Jones were IT Directors for fast-growing recruitment companies.  They won national awards for their strategic and commercial approach to recruitment tech!  

Recruitment has never been more competitive.  And there's more recruitment technology than ever to paralyse processes and disrupt sales pipelines.  CRM, Websites, Job Boards, LinkedIn, Digital Marketing.

We are Virtual IT Directors for our clients.  We offer impartial and stragic advice on how to use technology in your recruitment business to improve talent attraction, recruiter engagement and sales.

Recruitment Technology Consultation Barclay Jones (1)

Digital Marketing And Recruitment Technology ROI (7)Recruiters want:

  • Speedy systems
  • Engaged recruiters
  • Management information to drive their recruitment businesses
  • Security
  • An asset to invest in and / or sell.

Our clients want the advice and experience of a commercially-focused IT Director, but often not the salary bill!

The Figures Don't Add Up!

86% of you tell us that new technology will help you grow, but only 17% of your recruiters actively use your key systems.  This does not bode well for sustainable growth in the recruitment sector.

We work with Recruitment leaders to devise recruitment technology strategy, and mentor their IT function to deliver cost-effective and recruiter-effective processes and systems.

Their knowledge of the recruitment industry coupled with their technology expertise enables them to provide a very useful insight into how we can establish a solid foundation onto which future growth will happen.

Brian Stahelin, Managing Director, Stafflex.

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Recruitment Technology Consultation Barclay Jones (1)

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