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Recruitment Success Training

Ensure Your Recruiters can attract, engage, convert and place – with Bullhorn, Adapt, LinkedIn, Job Adverts etc…

We work with recruiters to make them more successful. Our goal is to help them be more trusted, effective, and to help increase speed and profit. You want ROI (return on investment) from your time, processes and recruitment systems.

We are experts in Bullhorn, Bond Adapt, LinkedIn, Broadbean, Job Adverts, Content, Email Marketing, Recruitment Marketing and Internal Recruitment

We offer face to face and webinar recruitment training sessions to help recruiters source, attract, engage and place. Click what you need to be great at!

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This is what we see:

  • Your Recruiters are not using your CRM properly
  • You are too reliant on LinkedIn and Job Boards
  • Your Job Adverts are attracting the wrong candidates
  • Your recruiters are spending way too long on systems and don’t have enough face or phone time.
  • Your data quality is poor and this is driving all of the above
  • GDPR is coming and all of the above create more risk

The recruiter training we deliver is key to you to your recruiters’ success and that of your recruitment business. Have a call with us now, or surf the recruitment training workshops we deliver.

Recruiters value the recruitment training we deliver:

The training was absolutely fantastic, I wouldn’t recommend them to other recruitment businesses only because I don’t want anyone else to have this training.

The training was great value for money and it is a complete “no-brainer” that we would recommend them to other recruitment companies

We begin with a discovery (or training needs analysis), to review what they already know, check that your business goals are supported by the training and ensure that the training is effective and delivers ROI.

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CRM Project Management

Recruitment CRM Training

So you have Bond Adapt or Bullhorn in your business. You need to ensure that your team engage with these system, and deliver ROI.

For the first time since we introduced Bullhorn I am confident that everyone not only understands how to use it, but through your skill they have bought into it fully as they now realise the tremendous value it brings.

Read about our Bullhorn ROI Training

Read about our Bond Adapt ROI Training

Innovative Job Adverts Training

We run the best job adverts recruitment training courses for recruiters. We know this because our clients tell us.  They want passive talent to say “I wasn’t looking until I saw your job advert”.

This training has really helped us “open up” the job vacancy and now we are receiving more applications and have made two extra placements from our new improved adverts (£9,000 more in fees in two weeks)

Fill more Jobs with our Innovative Job Adverts Training

E-Shots Training for Recruiters

Recruiters need to send mass mails / mailshots / eshots. This workshop delivers key recruitment training and hacks to nurture communities, generate convertible leads and attract passive candidates to their jobs.

I’m delighted that my recruiters benefited from this workshop. The impact is more contract and permanent roles with new clients, more interviews and a lot of contacts, all of which we had not worked with in the past.

Generate Leads and Candidates from Recruiter E-shots

LinkedIn ROI: Less Reliance

Recruiters want to see ROI from LinkedIn. They want to spend less than the current average of 50% of their day on LinkedIn. Our clients love our approach to LinkedIn:

I’ve been using LinkedIn for years – this course totally opened my eyes to things I could be doing a lot better and faster.  Far from being rehashes of old news, these sessions have provided new insights.

Read about our LinkedIn ROI Training

Recruitment Web Offering

Content for Recruiters

Content is a critical part of a recruiter’s process, and is a crucial GDPR antidote.  Speedily generating content, finding it, using it to attract, engage and convert – all of these skills are key.

It was great to see that, when she pushed them, realisation dawned about how easy content could be and how essential it might be rather than just the ‘marketing’ exercise they had perhaps deemed it to be.

Learn More About our Recruiter Content Workshop

Internal Recruiter Workshop

61% of recruitment leaders say their biggest challenge is to hire their own staff and admit that strategies need “upgrading”.  We have a great workshop to fix this.

My business is going through a period of growth and staff attraction (and retention) is a challenge.  My marketer and talent attraction manager needed to evolve and develop our existing talent attraction strategy.

Learn More About our Internal Recruitment Workshops

ROI from Broadbean Training

We train recruiters to improve their speed and delivery using Broadbean. We deliver the best Broadbean consultancy and recruitment training to make recruiters more successful.

Wayne came in and looked at our Broadbean processes and workflows and helped us understand what we should be doing and quickly identified that there was a massive bit of tech that we were not using correctly.

Learn More About our Broadbean ROI Training


Marketing Mentoring

We coach and mentor all levels of recruitment marketers – Global Directors to Marketing Execs.  They want innovative, practical strategics to attract, engage, convert and retain.

After working with Barclay Jones I have more confidence in what I am doing. I can rely on Lisa – she has challenged my team and I to develop award-winning strategies – we won the Recruiter Award for best marketing team.

Learn More About Recruitment Marketing Mentoring


Recruiter and Recruitment Marketer Training for Success

Recruiters really value our Recruitment Success and Marketing Effectiveness Training. Get in touch for your consultation.

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Recruiters Rate Us

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We are leaders in recruiter success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry.

  • paul-jackman-thorn-baker-recruitment-case-study

    "My business is going through a period of growth and staff attraction (and retention) is a challenge.  My marketer and talent attraction manager needed to evolve and develop our existing talent attraction strategy."

    Paul Jackman, Thorn Baker
  • paul-dickens-ata-recruitment-case-study-bond-adapt

    "I’m delighted that my recruiters benefited from this workshop. The impact is more contract and permanent roles with new clients, more interviews and a lot of contacts, all of which we had not worked with in the past."

    Paul Dickens, ATA Recruitment
  • gavin-wilkins-harvey-nash-case-study-microdec-crm

    "Barclay Jones have a valuable understanding of recruitment process, technology, end user experience and business change.  We have found their involvement key to this CRM replacement project."

    Gavin Wilkins, Harvey Nash
  • kevin-mcgrath-nes-global-talent-case-study

    "Our goal was to ensure that we were using Bullhorn effectively.  We approached Barclay Jones because we needed to find someone with proven competence in the delivery of Bullhorn best practice.  "

    Kevin McGrath, NES Global Talent
  • emma-tait-barber-finlay-james-case-study-recruitment-marketing

    "Our goal was to make sure that we were getting the most out of social media and to become more strategic with digital recruitment marketing. We also wanted to get our consultants engaged with social media and content creation."

    Emma Tait-Barber, Finlay James
  • brian-stahelin-stafflex-case-study

    "Their knowledge of the recruitment industry coupled with their technology expertise enables them to provide a very useful insight into how we can establish a solid foundation onto which future growth will happen."

    Brian Stahelin, Stafflex
  • carolyn-frodsham-employment-solutions-case-study-broadbean-training

    "Our aim in entering the Broadbean training was to gain a better understanding of reporting function for management information and setting up the automated templates to improve candidate interaction."

    Carolyn Frodsham, Employment Solutions
  • john-pittman-lawson-clark-case-study-linkedin-recruiter-training

    "Our goal in approaching Barclay Jones was ultimately to gain more business. We decided to work with Barclay Jones, over others, due to the strong focus their training had upon the sector relevant to our work, recruitment."

    John PIttman, Lawson Clark
  • nilesh-katwa-walker-hamill-case-study-bullhorn-training

    "Bullhorn asked us to work with Barclay Jones and I'm glad that they did!  Our teams have a much greater understanding of Bullhorn and feel engaged with the system. It was a positive, appropriate and well-received experience."

    Nilesh Katwa, Walker Hamill
  • martin-snell-career-legal-bond-adapt-training-case-study

    "The goal was to encourage consultants to use Bond Adapt Recruitment Software. I researched trainers online, read the reviews about Barclay Jones. I followed my instincts. I knew Barclay Jones would be right for us."

    Martin Snell, Career Legal
  • Andrew Yarwood-fircroft-recruitment-marketing

    "After working with Barclay Jones I have more confidence in what I am doing. I can rely on Lisa.  She has challenged my team and I to develop award-winning strategies.  We won the Recruiter Award for Best Marketing Team."

    Andrew Yarwood, Fircroft
  • paul-dickens-ata-recruitment-case-study-bond-adapt

    "We needed to ensure effective usage of Adapt and improve awareness of the system's capability. Barclay Jones' impact is: is more contract and permanent roles with new clients, more interviews, and a lot of new contacts for our Adapt database."

    Paul Dickens, ATA Recruitment
  • ian-anderson-stafforce-case-study-recruitment-social-media-bond-crm-training

    "Barclay Jones helped us implement a Bond Adapt CRM system to 150 users and develop a social media strategy. They have contributed a huge amount to our strategic and operational process and have helped grow the business for the future."

    Ian Anderson, Stafforce
  • liz-watt-beament-leslie-thomas-case-study-linkedin-training-barclay-jones

    "Barclay Jones worked with us to develop an holistic.  We are now embracing the challenge rather ignoring it. We understand that the market is changing every day and we are now better equipped to run with these changes."

    Liz Watt, BLT
  • doug-baird-interim-partners-case-study-recruitment-website-technology-crm

    "The recruitment sector is constantly evolving – Barclay Jones is at the forefront of the changes. They live and breathe it and their passion for what they do is clearly evident. Work with them if you want to improve your competitive advantage."

    Doug Baird, Interim Partners
  • pat-keogh-pro-recruitment-case-study-bullhorn-crm-linkedin-barclay-jones

    "Barclay Jones is on our wavelength and get what we are trying to achieve and more!  Being a recruitment specialist gives them a real advantage.  Call them well in advance of your projects - they get booked far in advance!"

    Pat Keogh, Pro-Recruitment
  • steve-zales-hudson-case-study-linkedin-social-media-training

    "Barclay Jones offered deep expertise in candidate recruitment and business development. They delivered advanced training to help our recruiters be experts in leveraging social media to advance our business. The value they offer is outstanding."

    Steve Zales, Hudson
  • kate-allen-allen-associates-case-study-bullhorn-linkedin-broadbean

    "Candidate attraction, speedy processes and data are really important to us and we wanted Barclay Jones to help us ensure that our systems and processes were connected.  Barclay Jones has set us on the path to thinking more strategically"

    Kate Allen, Allen Associates
  • Jayne Lambis IPS Recruitment Bullhorn Case Study

    "Barclay Jones become part of your business and tackle your problems with commitment and integrity.  We now have a future-proof Bullhorn system which will aid the growth of our business and drive us forward."

    Jayne Lambis, IPS
  • will-fossey-nrl-case-study-bond-adapt-recruitment-crm-training

    "We knew we weren’t using all of Bond Adapt’s capabilities; and wanted to unlock its full potential. The Barclay Jones team provided highly effective Bond Adapt training sessions, and they are massively respected by my team."

    Will Fossey, International Development Director
  • matt-reaney-big-cloud-recruitment-bullhorn-training-linkedin-recruiters

    "Barclay Jones helped us with Bullhorn, digital marketing and LinkedIn ROI. They are practical whilst being strategic. They are up front, direct, honest.  They challenged our assumptions and made us think about our growth and strategy. "

    Matt Reaney, Big Cloud
  • daniel-dawkins-aspire-people-case-study-recruitment-marketing-lisa-jones

    "My goal was to understand what good looked like from a recruiter point of view.  We have bridged the gap between sales and marketing. We are delivering on time, taking ownership, and have respect from the sales floor. "

    Daniel Dawkins, Aspire People
  • emma-snowball-recruit4vets-case-study-digital-marketing-recruitment-websites

    "There are not many recruitment owners who have real marketing experience – so Barclay Jones is the missing link between recruitment and marketing.  I now know which strategy will help me  become a market leader."

    Ella Snowball, Recruit4
  • jim-kinread-teem-ltd-case-study-social-media-recruitment-website

    "The goal was to elevate our brand, to free up my precious time whilst educating someone I knew would have intellect, ambition to take our digital presence to the next level.  In order to effectively future proof our business and move with the times."

    Jim Kinread, TEEM
  • sam-broe-broadstone-resourcing-case-study-website-recruitment-bullhorn-training

    "Roles are being filled quicker and more efficiently.  The changes to our systems and processes have been planned so everything links seamlessly, meaning more time for recruiters to concentrate on doing what they do best – recruit!"

    Sam Broe, Broadstone Resourcing
  • nick-middleton-head-resourcing-case-study-social-linkedin-training-recruitment

    "Barclay Jones has helped us with our social media and social recruitment strategy.  As a direct result of the knowledge they shared with us we have been able to engage with more organisations, found more candidates and raised our profile."

    Nick Middleton, Head Resourcing
  • joanna-stroud-stroud-resourcing-bullhorn-crm-training

    "I am confident that my team are using Bullhorn effectively and in a much better position to compete within the industry. My systems and processes are more joined up and I have in my business is in a much better state."

    Joanna Stroud, Stroud Resourcing
  • sophie-king-academy-ambassadors-case-study-linkedin-training

    "We are now able to use LinkedIn to source candidates effectively and we have improved our profile to make it more appropriate to our brand, who we are and how we approach the recruitment process."

    Sophie King, Academy Ambassadors
  • alan-feast-harris-global bullhorn case study

    "We were committed to partnering with a highly specialised team (Barclay Jones) who are well-versed in recruitment practice.  I now have a fit for purpose Bullhorn CRM which creates a great platform for a high performance team"

    Alan Feast, Harris global

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We are leaders in recruitment success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry. We make recruiters more successful.

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