Working with Leading Recruitment CRM Software

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  • Are you looking to replace or introduce new recruitment technology into your business?
  • Do your operations and IT teams need support in rolling out a recruitment technology project?
  • Is adoption of your current recruitment technology poor?  Have you bought CRM and not getting value from it?

We work with recruiters and they are all transforming their business with technology. They want to be:

  • More streamlined and lean
  • More attractive to work for
  • More agile and competitive

We are really excited to announce that we are working with Bond Adapt, Bullhorn and Microdec Profile RPM.  We are known for our impartial approach to recruitment tech - in English this means that we do not take commission from suppliers.

We advise recruiters on the best technology for their business, how to integrate and get return on investment.

We work closely with these three suppliers to ensure timely and effective project management of their solutions, ROI from their recruitment software and improved recruitment process through CRM training.

Lisa -Jones -100We pride ourselves on delivering streamlined and speedy business process to recruiters. I'm delighted to be working with Bond, Bullhorn and Microdec Profile RPM. All three systems are recruitment technology leaders in their own right. Many of our existing clients have these systems and my team work with them on a daily basis to promote best practice and speedy processes.

Lisa Jones, Director - Barclay Jones

18d 41cb Recruitment Technology, when used correctly, adds significant value to the recruitment lifecycle by speeding up the hiring process, improving communication and adding to the bottom line. To be working with some of the leading CRM providers across the world is a great accolade for the Barclay Jones team who work tirelessly to promote efficiency and accuracy across the recruitment industry.

Wayne Barclay, Director - Barclay Jones

 Bond Adapt Recruitment Software CRM

Tim Richards

Bond International Software are excited about collaborating with Barclay Jones.

The ability to work with a company that really ‘gets’ the recruitment industry, and is passionate about recruitment software, is a great opportunity. Barclay Jones are extremely well respected for providing recruitment technology and social media knowledge and expertise to recruitment specialists throughout the UK.

I am pleased that Barclay Jones recognise Bond Adapt as one of the leading staffing and recruitment software’s, providing the tools for recruiters to make the most placements and earn the highest revenues. The team at Barclay Jones have a passion for technology that will help prospects make the right unbiased decision when selecting their recruitment software.

Tim Richards, Managing Director - Bond International Software

Bullhorn -Recruitment -CRM-Software (1)

Pete Linas

The team at Bullhorn are excited about working with Barclay Jones.

Bullhorn helps recruitment business grow faster and run more efficiently, and we know that Barclay Jones shares this goal for their clients. They live and breathe recruitment technology, and possess an industry-leading knowledge of social recruiting methods.

Barclay Jones' passion for increasing efficiency via improved process and utilisation of the very best in CRM, combined with their unbiased nature, means they occupy a uniquely advantageous position to assist recruitment leaders in selecting the very best software for their business.

Pete Linas, International Managing Director - Bullhorn

Microdec -Profile -RPM-Recruitment -CRM-Software (1)

Mark Bowyer

We are delighted to be working with Barclay Jones.

Profile RPM is recognised in the recruitment industry as one of the most stable, reliable and flexible recruitment systems.

Barclay Jones are well known for their practical and impartial approach to recruitment technology, and their passion for efficiency and speed. We believe that they can help our clients get the best out of the technology we develop, and improve their business and recruitment process. 

Mark Bowyer, Commercial Director - Microdec plc

What We Do for Recruiters

We offer impartial and strategic advice on recruitment technology upgrades and migrations.  We help directors and ops teams project manage these solutions into their recruitment businesses.  We train recruiters to use recruitment technology and recruitment CRM.

We think Recruitment CRM is a critical part of the recruitment process, and we are passionate about utilising CRM effectively. Because of this we blog about CRM regularly, and have lots of tips and advice for getting the most out of your Recruitment CRM. Read them here

If you are considering changing or upgrading your CRM system we offer strategic advice for choosing the right product for your business and project management and training for managing the change. Please get in touch via 0333 9000 987 or