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Our Online Recruitment Training Improved Executive Integrity's Training Strategy

Executive Integrity specialises in maritime and renewable energy recruitment.

They are growing and wanted to scale with ease, whilst also skilling up existing and new recruiters.  They also wanted to maximise their return on investment from their Bullhorn CRM, LinkedIn etc...

 As a small team, they knew that best practice was key to scaling their recruitment business.  They needed their existing team to improve their recruiting skills, ready for new recruits to join and deliver their way.

We onboarded their team on to Recruitment HIIT. They had a league table to create a competitive learning culture, and access to online recruitment courses such as Bullhorn, Inbound Sales (LinkedIn etc...), Microsoft Teams, Job Adverts, Calendly, CloudCall, Sales Tips, and Broadbean. Plus, fitness paths, AKA learning pathways, to help create a clear route to best practice, such as:

  • New Recruiter - to help onboard and speedily train new starters

  • Sell and Retain Like a Pro, Source with Speed, and Job Marketing - for more experienced recruiters who need to retrain, improve confidence, and remain subject matter experts.

All with the goal of improving their onboarding process, recruiter retention, recruitment business scalability, and leadership work-life balance.

​Recruitment HIIT is Helping Us Save Time, Improve Our Onboarding, and Achieve Best Practice

Christopher Slade, Executive Integrity

 I’m looking to grow my recruitment business and become more competitive.

I want my team to improve their speed and delivery.  We have Bullhorn and my first goal was to get the team more engaged in their Bullhorn CRM and their candidate and client data.

We are an owner-managed recruitment business and we need to grow, but onboarding new staff can be time consuming.

Now, because of Recruitment HIIT, when we hire someone, the pressure is now off of me and my business partner to do all of the training – we can assign them a HIIT login and direct them to what we need them to learn, which is really useful if they are remote too.  They can then be accountable for their own online learning, and then come back to me with their progress, and we can help them develop.

It’s a lot less stressful.  I now have more time to run my recruitment business, and hire!

Plus, new starters are onboarded a lot quicker.

And, as much as I bought Recruitment HIIT to help my team, my business partner and I quickly realised that there was more to learn for ourselves.  We are learning new ideas, improving ourselves – we are learning things we never knew.

Working with Barclay Jones is great!  They are passionate and help us engage. They have launched new content since we signed up to Recruitment HIIT too.  I have regular catchups with them to ensure we’re on track.