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The automation training and implementation was worth every penny.

Bullhorn Automation Training: Efficiencies and Growth

Korenda is a recruiter specialising in roles in sectors including Executive Management, HR, Finance and Accounting, and Sales and Marketing.

They were starting up and implementing Bullhorn and Bullhorn Automation and needed help with their automation implementation. They wanted to scale quickly and ensure that they could give the best experience to candidates and clients.

Through a series of live Automation training webinars and online training through our recruitment training platform Recruitment HIIT, we trained the team to build automations which:

  • Cleaned their data

  • Nurtured their candidate and client database

  • Organised the recruiting team

  • Reduce admin

…Ultimately, to enable a speedy growth plan and efficient approach to candidate and client care.

An Automated Sales and Marketing Tool

Kay Sutton, Korenda.

As a startup business, we wanted to be sharp and efficient from the beginning so that we didn’t get into bad habits.

Our goal was to minimise the people power wasted that computers can do for us – we wanted to be more efficient from the start.

Highlights for us?

In terms of both candidate and client processes, we have created a set of simple, strong, and effective Bullhorn and recruitment processes that we can depend on.

We have also created some great sales and marketing tools that will help us be proactive.

How anyone can implement Bullhorn automation without Barclay Jones is beyond me.

Our trainer was fantastic – extremely knowledgeable and also very calm.  It wasn’t the traditional “chalk and talk”. We were in the driving seat and she was coaching us.  That was excellent!

I’m looking forward to seeing my business grow with scale and how it deals with high volumes of candidates and clients. 

The automation training and implementation was worth every penny.

3 words to describe how I feel about Barclay Jones: Knowledgeable.  Effective. Excellent. (and Impact if I can have a 4th word!)