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Bullhorn1st: Monetise Your Data and Bullhorn CRM


Recruiters! ​How can Bullhorn help you generate more fees, commission, and profit? As well as a better work-life balance? You need to ensure that Bullhorn is your first system for sourcing, nurturing, and placing, as well as reducing your reliance on other systems.

We call this "Bullhorn1st".

Driving Effective Recruitment Processes with Bullhorn1st

Effective use of your Bullhorn CRM can boost sales by 29% and productivity by 34%. You need to use Bullhorn to drive your recruitment processes and sales. What impact would a Bullhorn1st driven recruitment system have on your recruitment business?

  • How much time could you save?

  • How many more placements could you make?

  • How much more commission could you earn?

Look At Our Bullhorn Training and Adoption Infographics Below

Think about where you want to be at the end of this year:

  • How can you get your recruiters working with a "Bullhorn1st" approach?

  • How can you reduce your reliance on other tech which takes your team outside of Bullhorn?

  • How could you improve the value of your data?

  • How could you improve your candidate, client, colleague experience, and thus significantly strengthen your recruitment business if you really nailed how you use Bullhorn?

An effective Bullhorn system could help drive your recruiter goals this year. Which of the stats below apply to you, and which ones do you want to "fix"?

Bullhorn 1st Training: Conquer the Candidate Shortage and Train Your Recruiters to Sky Rocket Sales

Bullhorn 1st Discovery: Clean Dirty Data and Generate ROI from Your Bullhorn System

Could you save your recruiters 30 days a year, so they can bill more? Or maybe hire less recruiters?

​Recruiters need more phone time, reduced admin, cleaner data - to mention a few. You need to focus your recruiters on the tasks that will help you drive a sustainable recruitment business. How? Focus on your coolest tool - the recruiter! Download Your Recruitment Training Playbook to find our top tips for driving your 4Cs – candidates, clients, colleagues and cash!

HIIT Us, Recruiters!

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT- helps recruiters and resourcers source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines. We aim to save every recruiter and resourcer at least 1 hour per day (6 working weeks a year)- more billing time, more fees!




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